SMILE cover released

Smile Cover Web
Raina Telgemeier reveals the cover for SMILE! her webcomic of dental drama. Deets:

Current street date is the beginning of February, 2010. It’ll clock in at 224 full-color pages. My production schedule takes me through the end of this month, so I’ll have my nose to the grindstone for the next 3 weeks–see you in July!


  1. ~chris says

    Hooray! I’ve been hoping and waiting a long time for SMILE to be collected in print.

  2. Al says

    Ha, interesting to see a good design solution appearing from people who do not know each other.

    Our design firm had looked at a “smiley face with braces” look as one of the concepts for our client’s logo refresh (link), but ultimately went with 2 figures with “semi-smiley faces”. Sorry I don’t have the rough concept sketches online, it would be fun to compare them.

    Nice cover, Raina.

    Check out what we went with here:

  3. michael says

    I LOVE Raina’s work….I just wish she could work faster!


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