Shoe alert! Design your own DC-themed All-Stars with Converse

Yes, it is PRODUCT DAY here on The Beat! And this one is pretty darned cool.

Converse has had a design-your-own Chuck Taylor’s program on their website for a while now. And they’ve just added a
DC Comics-themed range to the site. The designs feature the Joker, the Riddler, Catwoman, and, of course, Batman himself.

We were extremely lucky to be able to test the process ourselves and the choices proved almost too overwhelming to contemplate. Although you can design a shoe using only the basic, grungy color palette of black, green, purple, yellow, and gray, we had to go with the Riddler’s Question Mark to symbolize the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle which guides The Beat’s life. (The Catwoman pattern is cool but a little bit busy for our personal fashion sense.)

Although the chance to make a color riot shoe was strong, we tried to stick to a fairly neutral palette with gray laces and the other accents in purple.

Finally, the chance to emblazon a pair of Chucks with our own, 20-year-old handle was too sweet to pass up.

Will you be seeing these shoes in San Diego? If we can stop ourselves from wearing them to bits before then, yes!

To make your own shoe, go to the Converse site and start experimenting away. Fun!

How much will this fun cost you? $75 for adult, $55 for youth. Shoes take 3 weeks to be delivered.


  1. says

    Now if they allowed you to mix and match from DC’s extensive library, rather than just a narrow range, I’d be the guy in the KAMANDI kicks.

  2. jacob goddard says

    Aww, when you said “design your own”, my first instinct was to have Siegel and Shuster looking sad with a smiling Superman in the middle.

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