Shocking Russian dash cam video captures furry beatdown

I’m addicted to Russian dashboard camera videos. The best ones have loud Russian disco playing, but they are pretty much all good, revealing a sullen post-modern, post GTA world of grey skies (occasionally streaked by shocking meteors), endless snow, brutalist architecture and of course, bad driving. Why Russians love dashcams so much isn’t quite clear but it has something to do with police brutality.

Anyway, the above video is staged, I’m 99.99% certain, as a car stops after being cut off and a mascot brawl ensues. Even if it is phony, it is still funny as heck.

Oh and if you want to see more Russian dashcam videos, here’s an example of a monthly compendium. In internet speak, what happens at 2:57 will blow your mind!


  1. Brian Spence says:

    They have those cameras because of the massive amount of fraudulent insurance claims and the corrupt police. When it’s your word or theirs, it’s good to have video on your side.

  2. WHAT in the world is wrong with Russian drivers?! HOLY CRAP. No wonder they have so many fraudulent insurance claims. It appears everyone just runs into one another hoping for a payday?! WOW.

  3. That compilation is actually quite tame. I was expecting to see the harsher Russian video cams. I’ve seen quite a few.

    But yeah… the furry *set up* was funny.

  4. That’s why I will never drive in Moscow. Besides, the subway is working just fine …

  5. Yeah, Russian dashcams are mostly about protection from insurance fraud and false prosecution. While the Russian police are certainly not friendly serve-and-protect types, they aren’t particularly prone to white-cop-in-the-hood style street violence. At least not in front of the victim’s cars.

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