It took you people THREE HOURS to email me about a bad embed code?

Seriously lame.


  1. Mark Coale says

    hey, I texted you as soon as I saw it.

    Some of us get up late. :>

  2. The Beat says

    It’s just a sad comment on the apathy of all.

    Granted, I could have just, ya know, checked my own site.

    Anyway, Mark Coale: American Hero!

  3. says

    What’s a “bad embed code”?

    It might be Google Chrome, but the Lynda Barry post disappeared yesterday for a while. And I’ve been reading posts before the post time… seen stuff at 7:30 which was posted after 8 AM…

    Apathy, or just acceptance that you are prone to mistakes, and we are too gracious to notify you of your faults?

  4. The Beat says

    The server time is still on DST. Thanks for the reminder to fix it!

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