She Hulk holiday wishes

Savage%20She Hulk She Hulk holiday wishes
I realize I’m just playing into a Marvel PR ploy over a character revamp. but heck, this is a comics blog, so there ya go.


  1. mark coale says:

    So, is that She-Hulk dressed like Thundra or Thundra turned green?

    Answer: don’t care.

  2. She’s green? She looks gray on my monitor. Also, I can’t help but wonder if she’s a real redhead, if you know what I mean.

  3. Yeah Mark – I was going to say the same thing. Isn’t that the chick who used to have a thing for the THING?



  4. My understanding it’s Hulk’s and Thundra’s daughter from the future. Marvel put out a one shot recently where the two get together.

    The old fanboy in me hopes half way through the 1st issue the real She Hulk shows up, clobbers her and takes over the title in 4th wall breaking moment.

  5. mark coale says:

    The last time I read anything with Thundra in it, she was married to Arkon in that other dimension, but that probably 4-5 years ago.

  6. But who drew the picture?

  7. Rob Jensen says:

    Okay, it’s almost 3am CT on New Year’s. I’m not drunk enough to be tired and I’m really, really bored. (It’s either this or catch up on the last seven episodes of Gossip Girl). Hence, this post.

    I keep up on superhero comics so you don’t have to . . .

    Thundra is from an alternate future timeline relative to Earth-616 (the Marvel Universe, [Jeff Albertson aka Comic Book Guy] for those who have yet to explore the early parts of Alan Moore’s oeuvre [/CBG].) In one of Marvel’s series of random, inexplicable one-shots recently, “Hulk: Raging Thunder,” Hulk got his spunk stolen by Thundra and her peeps and had this baby through in-vitro. Which was a slight improvement for things on Thundra’s Earth (known as Femizonia because, like, Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway were trying to, like, riff on Wonder Woman at the time). This gal is the result and she’s so far only been referred to as “Daughter of the Hulk” in yet another one of those inexplicably random recent one-shots “Hulk Family.”

    Clearly, Marvel doesn’t know whether it wants to do another She-Hulk series, a Thundra series, or a Red Sonja: The Jolly Green Giantess From The Badly Drawn Future series.

    Yes, and since she has the same hair color as her mother, “Thundra Junior’s” carpets probably match her drapes. At least, that’s my theory and I’d rather contemplate something else. Like how Yvonne Strahotski (spelling deliberate) from Chuck should be cast as Emma Frost in a *real* X-Men movie.

    I hope that Marvel will quickly abandon any thoughts of launching “Thundra Junior” into a new “Savage She-Hulk” series. First, she’s not She-Hulk and second, the concept is, like, the worst parts of the She-Hulk, Wonder Woman and Red Sonja concepts mashed in a blender with, like, castor oil, wheat grass and, uh, prunes.

    But then again, we’re talking about a comics company who canceled their recent solicitations for a new miniseries called “Models, Inc.” because clearly, people in both editorial and legal were too stupid to know ahead of time that that was the name of a short-lived spin-off of Melrose Place. So why should anybody be surprised that they’re threatening to unleash the worst third-rate rip-off of at least two of their own characters since they published Thunderstrike over a decade ago?

    — Rob

    PS: Looks to me like the artist of the ad is either Greg Horn or whoever did the painted covers for Secret Invasion: Inhumans. Top Cow’s Stepjan Sejic?

  8. Huh? This is a comics blog? I thought it was a movie blog. I can’t remember ever seeing a review of a comic.

  9. i kind of figured it was just the thundra that’s shown up in the last few issues of HULK after siding with the red HULK at the end of the last one. presumably he’s going to make her into a “savage” she-HULK.

    don’t ask me to defend my reading choices. i buy it for the bums just like everyone else.

  10. All of the preceeding explanations either represent everything I hate superhero comics, or everything I love about them.

  11. Jim Sheridan says:

    Why only one shoulder pad? Did she split the equipment with a real Amazon? As for the kneepads, well, the mind boggles.

  12. This thread feels like the sequel to Mallrats. (In a good way.)

  13. Tom Spurgeon says:

    “Marvel put out a one shot recently where the two get together.”

    I’m pretty sure I made that exact same comic in 1981.

  14. Tom: Please scan and post it. :)

  15. The Beat says:

    Whoever this lady is, the important thing is that her costume allows her midriff to be bared, so it’s all going to be okay.

  16. Dan D. says:

    Yes, more baggy clothes, please.

  17. Steven R. Stahl says:

    The dimension in which Arkon and Thundra reside(d) was supposed to have been destroyed by the dimension-hopping and dimension-destroying Krona in AVENGERS/JLA #1, but if I recall correctly, Marvel Editorial decided that the events in the miniseries didn’t affect Marvel continuity, while DC’s editors decided that the events did take place as shown.


  18. Shulk.

  19. I think she ripped that shoulder pad off of Killraven.



  20. You know a gal is tough when she has her top attached to her chest with giant staples like that.

  21. Dennis V. says:

    Bruce Banner should make sure he sneaks a pack of Hulk-Sized condoms in his purple pants before the Hulk bursts out… the Hulk is having way too many offspring (one of these days he’s going to be hit up for some child support!).

    And do we really need another destined to be a flop comic from Marvel? It’s not like Skarr, Son of Hulk is burning up the charts these days.

  22. J.Alexander says:

    The only way I would be interested in this comic if it was written by Peter David.

  23. This sent me into a bit of Wikipedia nostalgia romp through Shulkie’s past. God, I didn’t realize how much I loved Byrne’s run on SENSATIONAL, but I really really did. I also love the fact that the OFFICIAL HANDBOOK still lists breaking the 4th Wall as one her “abilities.”

    In the last ten minutes, I think I’ve decided that Shulkie might well be the greatest supporting character in all of comics. I don’t really think she can support a book on her own. At least not for long, but she adds so much. Writers have done such a good job of creating a real and dynamic character for her and she always brings fun to anything she shows up in. She was great in the Avengers. Great in the FF. Plus that whole savvy-lawyer thing and her effed-up relationship with her iconic cousin give her a whole other element of complexity.

    I hope they don’t try to change her. She’s got a lot to offer as she is.

  24. @PACO. I love the Beatster but that was kinda funny.


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