She-Devil with a…?


This is the gift that keeps on giving!


  1. Mark Coale says

    She might do more damage to the villain by hitting him with her boobs than with the sword.

  2. Rob J. says

    . . . really, really bad boob job.

    — Rob

    PS: Ok, sure, “really, really bad boob job” is pretty much redundant because IMHO *all* elective boob jobs are inherently bad. But still . . . even on a scale of craptacular to “the horror, the horror,” this one is “the horror” times infinity.

  3. Torsten Adair says

    So, what is that big hand grabbing for?

    And what’s that shadowy shape in the background?

    The design would have been better with a close-up shot of Sonja in mid-swing, with the viewer being the target of her wrath.

    How does she keep her hair out of the way when fighting?

    Remember, do not confuse this title with *snicker* Giant Size Red Sonja. (Hey… if Marvel and Dynamite can do a Red-Sonja/Spider-Man crossover, howabout a Giant Size Sonja Meets the Man-Thing?

  4. Fred says

    “howabout a Giant Size Sonja Meets the Man-Thing? ”

    I think one would need a Giant Size Man-Thing in order to handle a Giant Size Red Sonja… preferably in an “Omnibust” edition.

  5. Dave Miller-Lad says

    With those fake breasts bolted onto that masculine-yet-boyish physique, I’d have to say it’s “She-Devil With A Penis”

  6. Allan Rosenberg says


    Let’s blame Big Apple Conventions for these evil covers!!!!

  7. Mariah says

    By the look on her face I think she just saw what a terrible outfit she’s wearing and how badly her anatomy was mangled.

    Is it me, or is her right leg rather alarmingly twisted and severed? And I think her arms might reach well below her knees were she standing.

    Still, were I whatever is attached the floating foreground hand, I’d be pretty terrified to see that come flying at me. It’s clearly broken and insane. And desperately in need of pants.

  8. Scrr says

    All the paintey effects can’t mask the poor constuction underneath… That’s what you get when you hire guys who ‘came’ to their ‘art’ through Frazetta, by way of Vallejo, by way of Jusko, by way of etc. (5th generation copyist) instead of learning about such things as anatomy in art school or any decent drawing course. All surface finish, no substance.

    Boobs like that are a big turn-off.

  9. Matt D. says

    Boobs?! I thought those were a couple of cheese danishes she was carrying around for after the fight!

  10. Al says

    Well, okay, it panders. I think it’s a very well painted cover, but her arms DO look a little too long.

    The guy’s hand in the foreground looks like it might belong to an urban comic artist and not a Mongolian marauder. Where’s the knuckle hair, the scars, the evidence of harsh life…

    And where is the evidence of HER hard life? oh, puleeese.

    Can we see all the photos from the artist’s session with that Sonja model? I would like to examinnnne themmmm

  11. Brian Spence says

    This is so sad on so many levels. The others were cheap shots, but this is in the gutter.

  12. Al says

    What is so sad? That I said that I would like to see the photo reference? Or am I misunderstanding..

  13. michael says

    well, they already covered her backside, so, now let’s go to the front! lol!

    that hand placement is priceless and the cover itself is awful.

  14. jacob lyon goddard says

    i hate hate hate cheesecake in comics, i feel it makes us all look pathetic. that being said, Heidi, weren’t you praising Betty Page and her influence just a few days ago?

  15. Rob J. says

    Jacob: That ain’t cheesecake. It’s something plastic that kinda looks like cheesecake and yet, is nevertheless not cheesecake. It’s kitsch of the worst order — almost as if Rob Liefeld stopped making everyone look constipated, started drawing feet and took up painting. No matter what ya do, it’s still crap.

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