Sergio Toppi art exhibit

Prolific Italian comics legend Sergio Toppi is having an art show of his illustrations. The show opens this Saturday, 9/27, at Rome’s Tricromia gallery (Via di panico 35, Rome). The show is called “Città Sirena” (Mermaid City).


  1. Oh God, I want to go to Italy SO BAD right now! Toppi was here in Brazil a few years ago and he was such a nice guy. Seeing his art was one of the highlights of that comic expo and I still miss his work around here.

    If any of you have the chance, don’t miss it. He’s a great, great artist!!!

  2. An exhibit of Sergio Toppi and other great italian artists will open next month in New York.
    Scott Eder Gallery’s site has the nice poster drawn by Gipi:
    It is a homage to The White Sheik by Federico Fellini.

  3. mario boon says:

    great! Now I want to go to Rome AND New York! Like I don’t have money already :(

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