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Apparently there was some kind of viral game for AMC’S PRISONER remake going on at Comic-Con, and they were responsible for the skywriting:

AMC played their own little marketing game (Fox also did this with Fringe) at Comic Con to create buzz for their remake of the 1960’s cult classic The Prisoner.

Attendees were provided with cryptic puzzle cards, which when decoded drove participants to where they were told to ‘seek the six’ in order to reveal the secret behind the campaign.

Not impressed.


  1. says

    AMC has bought a LOT of goodwill and respect from me due to the utter fantasticness of Mad Men. Before that show, I would have shrugged and moved on…now I’m curious to see how this pans out.

    Then again, Sci-Fi airs both BSG and shitty movies like Tarantulas Attack Bikini Island IV, so I could be overly optimistic.

  2. Ali Kokmen says

    “So that’s what that was….At last look, I only saw “SEEK THE…” ”

    Me, I stopped looking before they finished the third letter, figured it said “SEL” and was an ad for some French salt product ;-)

    Or, rather, I figured that I could read about what that was all about afterward on The Beat. Thanks, Heidi!

  3. Joe Gualtieri says


    Instead of silly games why not go for prestige and push the fact that you’re reinventing the Original Great TV Show- the one without which there never would have been a Singing Detective, Twin Peaks, or Sopranos?

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