SDCC’13: Skybound Announce ‘Manifest Destiny’ and ‘Dead Body Road’

Robert Kirkman’s Skybound imprint had a panel today, during which the company announced two new titles: Dead Body Road from Justin Jordan and Matteo Scalera; and Manifest Destiny from Chris Dingess and Matthew Roberts.

Let’s reverse that order and start with Manifest Destiny. You may know Chris Dingess better for his work on the US version of Being Human, whilst Matt Roberts is a long-time collaborator with Skybound – he’s previously worked on Battle Pope. This new series will take the pairing of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, send them off on their real-life journey through the Mississippi River…. and then pit them against monsters.

In the press release, Dingess explains the origins of the book:

I’m fascinated by the pop culture phenomenon of taking historical characters, both real and fictional, and placing them in big, fake, extraordinary adventures. I’m also intrigued by the modern world’s growing obsession with vast government conspiracies, both real and fictional. I was excited to take these two concepts and make them have a baby.


Dead Body Road is a new miniseries from Justin Jordan and the very popular Matteo Scalera (who also has upcoming work with Rick Remender planned at Image soon!) Busy! A crime thriller crossed through with a western noir, the series will focus on a former policeman called Gage, whose wife is killed during a bank robbery. He sets out on a revenge mission to make sure every single one of the robbers pays for their crime.

Speaking on the title, Jordan says:

They say when you seek revenge, first dig two graves. This one is going to take a lot more than two.



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