SDCC’13: Marvel Announce a Longshot Miniseries

SDCC’13: Marvel Announce a Longshot Miniseries

Yeah, who would’ve thought it? Marvel have announced that in November they’ll be publishing a new Longshot miniseries. Longshot! But this mini will be written by Chris Hastings and drawn by Jacopo Camagni, so perhaps there’s hope for it still.


Starting in November, Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe (to give the full title) will see the character drawn into a murder investigation when a series of people with ‘luck’ powers are murdered around New York. Caught up in the case, he’ll be targeted by SHIELD, various Marvel villains, and the odd cosmic entity.

Jordan D. White, who edited the character previously in X-Factor, will edit this miniseries as well. Marvel haven’t done much in the way of X-Men miniseries for a little while now – the most recent I can think of were the Psylocke, Storm, and Pixie miniseries that came out in short succession a few years back.

So…erm… yeah! Longshot has a miniseries now. The book starts in November.


  1. Chaos McKenzie says

    I love the Longshot and the Mojo characters. LOVE THEM. I got more excited about this than the Nightcrawler announcement and then blushed deeply with the realization. Sounds like the writer really gets the fun and consequence he had in the original series. Curious to see the art and interested in seeing a story separating him from Mojo – does anyone remember the Michael Zulli drawn one shot from the 90s?

  2. says

    Whoa, Chaos — blast from the past. I haven’t thought of that Zulli one-shot in ages. Maybe written by J.M. DeMatteis? That was a lovely book.

  3. jacob lyon goddard says

    Longshot only needs two things.
    Arthur Adams and a mullet.

  4. Rob J. says

    @Jacob: Actually, Longshot needs one more thing — Ricochet Rita (and Spiral) herself, Ann Nocenti.

  5. todd latores says

    Shatterstar is his own father or his father’s father or something?

  6. Andrew Brown says

    of course not
    Shatterstar is the son of his own clone
    you make it sound ridiculous

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