SDCC 2012 – The Man of Steel Movie Poster

By Todd Allen

There’s a new teaser poster for Man of Steel making the rounds at Comicon:

It’s probably not really going to be *quite* as dark as when it’s being lit like that.  Still, that’s a darker costume than we’re used to seeing and a lot of texture.  Somewhere between a vinyl and a plastic look perhaps?

The obvious next question is “what’s Zod wearing?”


  1. says

    The textures, here as well as the Webb Spidey and even Raimi Spidey I don’t get. I know spandex is silly, and Matrix had everything leaning towards leather and latex, but this vulcanized thing doesn’t do it for me. With Supes- I gather it’s to be alien materials, but I wonder what the designers were basing it on.

  2. What-Ev says

    “With Supes- I gather it’s to be alien materials, but I wonder what the designers were basing it on.”


  3. says

    Why not just let Bruce Timm make these movies? He’s the only guy in that stupid town that has any concept of what these characters stand for.

  4. Keyser says

    Man, that costume sucks… Poor Superman in the clutches of the guy who gave us Sucker Punch…

  5. Jesse says

    DC could not be more lost with this license. Poor Clark is just getting wacked around the table like a cue ball. It’s bizarre to have grown up with Christopher Reeve and Bryne’s Superman only to see him so unrecognizable today.

  6. Al™ says

    I could see a suit made of nanobots. That would make sense. Oh, never mind.

  7. Chuck Melville says

    Not exactly a cheerful looking ad, is it?

    It doesn’t conjure up a sense of wonder either, as in “You will believe a man can fly”… Although it does make me wonder what, exactly, the poster is trying to sell.

    I think the designer needs a reintroduction to primary colors.

  8. Kevin says

    Yeah…looks like they’re certainly going with the original plan of a “darker” “edgier” Superman. Add some bat ears to it and you get a Dark Knight Rises poster. Doesn’t really look like Superman to me.

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