SDCC 12: The Manchester Grand Hyatt goes for $111 a night…when it isn't comic-con 2012-7-9 15:33:55.png

Actually just got an email with this offer. Just to give you an idea of how prices are jacked up during con. The Hyatt regularly goesf for $500+ during the con…when you can even book a room.


  1. Monetta says

    Not too surprising. Outside of SDCC, when else does a massive group of people visit San Diego? I figure this time of year is like Christmas for the city.

  2. Michael says

    I’m stuck staying way out in Miramar for $139. 10 minutes to Qualcomm trolly though. I hope they move in 2014 somewhere with more hotel rooms closer but probably wishful thinking

  3. Econ101 says

    Simple example of supply and demand. Every hotel handles their room prices the same way.

  4. JakeOrion says

    Is it honestly worth $2500+ to see movie/tv stars and panels that will be quickly forgotten in a week?

    Comic-Con will implode soon, and it won’t be pretty. The costs have skyrocketed from 5 years ago.

    My last year going. To much stress, not enough fun anymore.

  5. Tracy Edmunds says

    We are paying $299 per night at the Manchester through Travel Planners. We had a lucky Hoteloween this year. Of course, we can’t afford to eat…

  6. Al™ says

    This situation is pretty average. Hotels always jack their rates whenever they can. Time to find alternate arrangements, like a Comic fan friendly B&B with good meals.

  7. Marsia says

    There is nowhere else. Vega hikes up the rooms to the same and higher levels during CES and other trade shows. This is still the best city.

  8. ed says

    It’s sooo fun to watch NYC’ers complain about hotel rates in other cities…

    Btw, the lede is buried in that last line.

    My last year going. To much stress, not enough fun anymore.

    Awww. That’s one more SDCC pass next year for someone who’ll WANT to go to this great SD Nerdpull— so don’t let WB’s oversized bag hit your ass on your way out?

    /SDCC’12 -1

  9. Trev says

    To be fair, it’s an offer and not their regular rate. Also $500 a night is not the con rate, it’s like half that.

    We are staying at a local Hyatt resort on an offer and it is about half the usual rate and midweek. This doesn’t say what date or date range you found the rate for either.

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