SDCC 12: Parade nixed, but Balboa Park may be in the works

by Bruce Lidl

Is San Diego Comic-Con getting even bigger? A story in the SD Trib reveals that locals and con organizers are thinking of expanding all the way to Balboa Park.

Word out of San Diego is that the previously rumored “a nationally-televised parade that would kick off or end Comic-Con” will not happen after all.  San Diego City Council President Tony Young tweeted yesterday that the Con organizers were dead-set against it, likely fearing the logistical and bureaucratic challenges it would face.  Parades at comic book conventions are hardly unknown, though, with Atlanta’s DragonCon holding a justly famous parade each year on the Saturday morning of the show.

Comic-Con spokesman David Glanzer did say, however, that the Con is interested in working with the city government to possibly organize some off-site events in San Diego’s Balboa Park, targeting comics and pop culture fans that have not been able to gain entrance for the main event.  Nothing solid has been planned yet, but organizing Comic-Con events in Balboa Park has happened in the past, including a softball charity game between Marvel and DC stars.  The park and the convention center are not all that close physically, definitely not walkable for most, but finding events that can capitalize on the overwhelming interest in the Con among the public, even as actual passes for the show become ever harder to obtain, surely has appeal to both the organizers and San Diego.