1. The Orange Line runs from the Convention Center to Balboa Park. Or shuttle buses could run along Park Boulevard.

    The Angoulemization of CCI? (Comic-C’Angoulême) Or will it be Mardigras-ed? (Comic-Carnival) Or a hybrid: Comic-Cannes!

    Why not have someone organize a 10-K walk/run with costumes? Tokyo, Boston, and New York have the occasional costumed marathoner, so why not something similar for San Diego?

    Partner with the Competitor Group, which runs the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon in June. Make it a fundraiser… “Cause-Play”™ Use the trails and gateways in Balboa Park!

    Hmmm… Directly south of Balboa, right between the park and the blue/orange trolley stop is… San Diego City College! Not as glamorous as Balboa Park, but the buildings could be used for programming. Or use San Diego High School. Which has a “School of the Arts”…

  2. Torsten, those are some damn good ideas. And I know some people at Competitor Group, so I will for sure spread the word.

  3. I’m all for additional activities outside the con. Even as an experienced con goer it’s nice to have places where you can still be involved in the vibe. Balboa does seem far though. Even though surrounding spaces keep getting eaten up by brands I was actually pleased with some last year, like the food trucks surrounding the South Park area.

    As odd as it may sound I think there’s a market for “normal” geeks out there. Perhaps that entails cocktails and laid back areas who are willing to have that little more (Tr!ckster)

  4. My theory is that the mayor doesn’t want San Diego to forever be known as “Nerd Town.” A nationally televised parade would pretty much guarantee that moniker.

  5. Think about what would have been in a Comic Con parade. Just a bunch of floats advertising upcoming movies and cars featuring TV and movie stars. It would have been one more thing the comics crowd would have complained about that’s taking the spotlight off comics.

    Even worst, a parade that closed the Gaslamp District just when people are trying to park and get to their hotel rooms on Wednesday! It’s tough enough checking in!

    They could maybe do an art show at Balboa Park, but no one with badges would make the trek there. More likely, this would be more of a community outreach thing, to get local San Diegans involved that didn’t get badges.

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