SDCC 12: Jonah Hex and more go "dark"

by Pamela Auditore

“Now I know who the comic lovers are here at Comic Con,”  said Jimmy Palmiotti to appreciative applause  in first DC Panel of SDCC 2012 on Thursday.   He went on to announce Jonah Hex among the titles to appear under “the Dark and the Edge” banner.

Palmiotii will have “Jonah Hex” battling Evil Clowns  while Jeff LeMire’s “Animal Man” will have the banner in #Issue 12 as he pairs with  Scott Snyder’s “Swamp Thing” for a two part story.  Issue 12 of “Animal Man” will form the first part with “Swamp Thing” also issue #12 to complete’s the story.   Appearing will be characters one wouldn’t normally associate with a “the Dark and the Edge” banner Lemire  says.  “Poor Hawkman.  Scott Snyder will be doing terrible things to him.”  Additional announcements included Frankenstein  joining “Justice League Dark” with Lemire  saying “I’m having the best time doing dialogue between Considine and Frankenstein.”

Also “I, Vampire” writer Adam Glass also  will feature Vampires vs Zombies and an origin arc for title’s villain, Kane.

Other titles featured under “the Dark and the Edge” banners will be:  “Suicide Squad”,  “the Phantom Stranger”, “Team 7” and “Amethyst.”


  1. Torsten Adair says

    Amethyst? Dark? Edgy? *SIGH*

    I guess one can still hope for an appearance in the DC Nation magazine?

  2. Louis Lane says

    >“Poor Hawkman. Scott Snyder will be doing terrible things to him.”

    Whoever edited and wrote HAWKMAN #1 through the current issue also has done terrible things Hawkman. Too bad; that’s one title I really was hoping DC would get “right.”


  3. Saber Tooth Tiger Mike says

    Did an accountant come up with the “The Dark and Edge” name for their edgy titles?

  4. cocacolaoso says

    Uh-oh! for the past 10 years in the DCU dark and edgy=rape! Beware women of the DCU!

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