SD08 Pictures

200807301352 SD08 Pictures

Okay, we lied. We’re going to put good photo sets we find in this one link, so keep checking. First up, Beaucoup Kevin’s always excellent photos.

§ NEW! (I think) Hip Flask’s photos.

200808031423 SD08 Pictures
§ Royal Flush and Jah Furry!


  1. Tad Stones says:

    For a photo set with a unique eye for the fun, whimsical and absurd, might I suggest

  2. I’ve got plenty of fun photos from Comic-Con too:

  3. Here are the sets I posted on ComicMix:

    Costumes, Part 1

    Costumes, Part 2

    Costumes, Part 3

    And finally, Creators, Sights and Swag

    Good times. Sorry we didn’t bump into each other, Heidi!

  4. Joe Noname says:

    Kevin Church is a wannabe.

  5. Oh no! Skewered by “Joe Noname!” How shall I ever recover?!?

  6. Brian Spence says:

    The Beat isn’t home to petty fanboy slams now, is it?

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