SD08 Pictures


Okay, we lied. We’re going to put good photo sets we find in this one link, so keep checking. First up, Beaucoup Kevin’s always excellent photos.

§ NEW! (I think) Hip Flask’s photos.

§ Royal Flush and Jah Furry!



  1. Tad Stones says:

    For a photo set with a unique eye for the fun, whimsical and absurd, might I suggest

  2. I’ve got plenty of fun photos from Comic-Con too:

  3. Here are the sets I posted on ComicMix:

    Costumes, Part 1

    Costumes, Part 2

    Costumes, Part 3

    And finally, Creators, Sights and Swag

    Good times. Sorry we didn’t bump into each other, Heidi!

  4. Joe Noname says:

    Kevin Church is a wannabe.

  5. Oh no! Skewered by “Joe Noname!” How shall I ever recover?!?

  6. Brian Spence says:

    The Beat isn’t home to petty fanboy slams now, is it?

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