SD07: Video Blog #3: What are the Turds?

Click on pic or here for sidesplitting video.



  1. I have followed websites, forums, YouTube videos, podcasts, and news sites all covering SDCC, but it is ONLY YOU, Heidi who has the stones to cover The Turds.

    Is there need to remind you why we love you so much?

    This is one.

  2. Sphinx Magoo says:

    Todd McFarlane’s probably smacking himself in the head and yelling “D’oh!” ’cause he hadn’t thought of this first!

    I’m sure we’ll be seeing these in local Spencer’s Gifts anytime now…

  3. Yes, only The Beat would dare ask probing questions like “Where to Turds come from?”

    :-) Love ya, Heidi!

  4. You’ve never heard of the Turds? Behind the zeitgeist, Heidi!

  5. Randy says:

    No Rich, you Brits are just ahead of the Yanks in Turd appreciation.

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