Scream (awards) nominees announced

201009031432 Scream (awards) nominees announced
The 2010 Screams for the best in loud, blood-letting, gun-thumping entertainment were announced this week; however the comics nominees include things like ASTERIOS POLYP, so maybe the Screams have learned subtlety. At any rate, we can’t wait to see David Mazzucchelli rubbing shoulders with Danny Trejo.

Nominees were chosen by an advisory board including such folk as Tim Burton, John Carpenter, Wes Craven, Neil Gaiman,
Damon Lindelof, Eli Roth, Quentin Tarantino, and Joss Whedon
. The winners are chosen by popular cote, which you can do here, with the Screams to be presented at a two-hour Spike-TV extravaganza on October 16.

Comics categories below, and selected other nominees below that (not even the Scream press release has all the categories!)

Best Comic Book or Graphic Novel
Asterios Polyp
Blackest Night
The Boys
Parker: The Hunter
The Walking Dead

Best Comic Book Writer
Jason Aaron
Darwyn Cooke
Garth Ennis
Geoff Johns
Robert Kirkman
Mike Mignola

Best Comic Book Artist
Charlie Adlard
Darwyn Cooke
Fabio Moon
Frank Quitely
Jill Thompson
J.H. Williams III

Best Comic Book Movie:
Iron Man 2
The Losers

·    Alice in Wonderland
·    Avatar
·    District 9
·    Inception
·    Iron Man 2
·    Kick-Ass
·    Lost
·    True Blood
·    The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
·    Zombieland

·    Avatar
·    District 9
·    Inception
·    Iron Man 2
·    Predators
·    The Road

·    Alice in Wonderland
·    The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
·    Kick-Ass
·    Toy Story 3
·    The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
·    Where the Wild Things Are

·    The Crazies
·    A Nightmare on Elm Street
·    Paranormal Activity
·    Shutter Island
·    Thirst
·    Zombieland

·    Dexter
·    Doctor Who
·    Lost
·    True Blood
·    V

·    Neill Blomkamp, District 9
·    Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland
·    James Cameron, Avatar
·    Roland Emmerich, 2012
·    Christopher Nolan, Inception
·    Martin Scorsese, Shutter Island

·    District 9, written by Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell
·    Inception, written by Christopher Nolan
·    Kick-Ass, written by Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman
·    Shutter Island, written by Laeta Kalogridis
·    Toy Story 3, written by Michael Arndt
·    Zombieland, written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese


  1. where’s Splice?! wtf.

  2. Shouldn’t that read “nominees were chosen by the personal assistants of…”?

    “Hey, kid, take this box of crap from Spike TV and fill out these forms. No, I don’t care what you put down, okay? Throw a friggin’ dart at the list, whatever. Then go walk my dogs.”

  3. The Beat says:

    In the case of Asterios and Jill Thompson, the assistants had good taste at least. Actually none of the nominees are horribly embarrassing from the genre viewpoint.

  4. Concerning comics selections, I really don’t know who I’d choose. IMHO, besides Blackest Night & The Boys, all the other titles are must-read !

  5. Kevin Hynes says:

    So…what are the Scream awards? Horror? Sci-Fi? Anything nerdy I guess? I mean I loved Toy Story 3, but it’s odd to see it under best “Scream” play. Sort of shuttered while writing that…

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