Scott McCloud’s The Sculptor is coming in 2015


The NY Times has the first official look (aside from iPad sightings over the years) of Scott McCloud’s The Sculptor, his first sustained fiction in quite some time. First Second, the publisher, also sent along some into including the pub date, February 3, 2015.

The story concerns an sculptor in his 20s named David Smith who makes a deal with the devil, or Death in this case, to be able to sculpt anything with his hands. Unfortunately, Death gives David only 200 days to do something with this power, and there in lies a tale of romance and discovery.

“I’ve wanted to tell the story of The Sculptor since before writing Understanding Comics, and the book’s creation has turned into an incredible learning experience for me and, I hope, an exciting READING experience for comics-lovers. It took me five years to write and draw, and I promise I used every single minute to make it the best book I can,” said McCloud. in a statement.

I know Scott has been working very very hard on this books for years—and it’s also why he’s been in virtual internet silence for at least the last year. I wasn’t kidding about the iPad sightings either. And I know he worked very closely with First Second’s Mark Siegel, who wrote of the project “To work with Scott McCloud on any project of his choosing was a long held hope of mine. But to join him as he sheds the theorist and embraces ambitious, adult fiction—that’s a dream come true. Scott is one of the hardest working authors I know, and he has tasked himself with a very tall order on The Sculptor. The result soars beyond my shamelessly high expectations.”

Guess that’s the first book of 2015 to look forward to, eh.


  1. jacob goddard says:


  2. This is kind of confusing. There is already a very famous sculptor who was named David Smith. ( Seems strange to use that name for a fictional sculptor. (I guess it’s slightly better than naming the character Alexander Calder.)

  3. As mentioned in the NYTimes story, the name thing is a plot point. Part of my David’s predicament stems from forever being “the OTHER David Smith.”

  4. @Robert:

    The Times article mentions that part of the story is the fact that he has the same name.

  5. I am familiar with this, being an author with the name John Green. But not THAT author named John Green.

  6. Whoa, that is really exciting news. I will be pre ordering as soon as possible.

  7. Craig Yoe says:

    So long to wait–this is going to be incredible!

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