San Diego Thursday programming is UP

This time it’s up FOR REAL.

Stan Lee! Grant Morrison! Ian McShane! Floyd Norman! Pedagogy! Marky Mark! Jennifer de Guzman! The future of the pamphlet! Signe Wilkinson! Sam Raimi! Carla Gugino! Eddie Campbell! Al Feldstein! A panel on blogging without any of the Usual Suspects! COREY FELDMAN!



  1. Rob (ShutUpRob) says

    Torchwood! (No Eve Myles! Grrrrrrrr!)

    Oh boy, I’ve got to remember to be ruthless in making sure I pick panels that require little walking back and forth between the Room 1-8 area, the Ballroom 20 and surrounding area and the Hall H area.

    Last year, for the first time in the 8 years I’d been going to Comic-Con, the panels that I wanted to see lined up perfectly on almost every day. This year, after Doctor Who/Torchwood, Thursday is going to be a problem.

    — Rob

  2. says

    I thought it was funny that Jason Thompson’s “Secret History of Manga in the US” panel is opposite the Random House/ Del Rey Manga panel.

  3. Rob (ShutUpRob) says

    Yeah, that was funny, Susie.

    I also wonder whose bright idea it was to schedule The Mark & Sergio Show against the Bongo Comics panel. D’OH!

    — Rob

  4. Steve P.-O. says



    First year in quite a while I’m not going, and Ian McShane’s gonna be there!

    Probably wouldn’t get to meet him, anyway …


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