San Diego Registration update

Sporadic and anecdotal reports thus far are that registration is moving smoothly. More as it develops.



  1. Kevin says:

    Will you be clad in your signature silver jacket!?!

  2. “Problems fail to occur! Film at 11!”

  3. Way better than last year. Way.


  1. […] I can’t help but read all of the San Diego coverage with a somewhat biased eye, as I’m going to be there tomorrow and already am nervous about whether or not I’ll make it to my panel on time. But according to Augie De Blieck, that may not be an issue if my flight and registering goes as smoothly as his did. Heidi MacDonald also reports that registrations are much less of a hassle this year, compared with last. Also agreeing, Matt Maxwell, who continues with a general lay of the land so far: Weather – Balmy. Actually about as nice as you can expect. If you’re not dressed for business. Conditions inside the convention center were fair, but the more people the con gets, the colder the room gets, so I expect adverse conditions starting today. Programming – Insane. I think I’m going to miss half the stuff I want to see due to scheduling conflicts and the like. Who knows when I’ll have time to hunt down vintage Micronauts on the show floor? […]

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