San Diego: Friday falls!

And, sometime over the weekend, Friday joined Saturday as an official sellout at the San Diego Comic-Con.



  1. Ah, let the fun begin.

  2. I’m feeling more and more confident about my guess as to when all 4 days will sell out.

  3. I forgot what my guess was….but I think it was sometime in feb…

  4. What was the prize, again?

  5. A stack of books, contents unknown. Here’s hoping it’s not unsold copies of Brigade!

  6. Thanks, Jason.

  7. alexreager says:

    Thanks for the original link Jason. Whoohoo!! That means I’m one of the 15 still in the running!! C’mon Feb 11!!!!!

    I’m surprised a giant entertainment conglomerate like Sony or Fox doesnt buy up thousands of tickets at a time. If I were a billionaire, I’d buy half the tickets just to make the panels less crowded…

    Meanwhile, 2-11 is a good day for a sellout!!!

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