SD07: Video Blog #1 — Welcome to Hell


Damn I was so perky on Day 0! Click on pic or here for vid.


  1. Sphinx Magoo says

    This is one of the reasons why I love reading The Beat… it’s like comics mixed with the Travel Channel! Heidi visits far off places and sees cool things and I sit and think: “Darn! I wish I was there.”

  2. Sphinx Magoo says

    Well, it’s sponsored by DivX, so of course they don’t want you to use Flash.

    Otherwise it’d be like McDonald’s offering their Happy Meal premiums at Burger King, wouldn’t it?

  3. G-Regal says

    It’s very annoying that everytime you click back to the front page, it want to install a DivX player. Oh well, at least it gives you a choice

  4. Jonathan says

    Wow, the Divx looks great; super clear video. I’m really digging this since I’ve never been to SD, so let’s see bunches more of these clips. P.S. nice sweatbands, Felix!

  5. michael says

    this sucks, I wanna watch Heidi’s clips, but my puter won’t let me download the divx thing. :(

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