Rugg/Maruca fashion

graphicnovel080825 1 560 Rugg/Maruca fashion
Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca have contributed a “A Graphic Novel of the Season’s New Looks” for New York magazine. Personally, we’re a little dubious about this fall’s square necklines, but excited about the idea of voluminous sweaters….BUT NOT for men!


  1. Isn’t that kind of reminiscent of Tori Amos’ dress at Comicon?

  2. Amazing. A four-page “novel”.

    And i STILL couldn’t finish it.

  3. I hope they got paid at least as much as the total cost of the clothes featured. A $230. t-shirt? Holy shit.

  4. What, two other comics named “Loveless” weren’t enough? =^p

  5. They tried calling it “Lovebug,” but they woke up with the grill of a Honda Civic in their beds.



  1. […] [Comics] New York Magazine presents a four-page short story by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca. (Above: sequence from “Loveless!” ©2008 Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca. Link via Heidi MacDonald.) […]

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