RIP: Elizabeth Taylor



No one rocked that ’60s eyeliner style like her.

She stayed sassy through ill health and bad men.

No one was like her.


  1. RIP Rlizabeth…you rill be missed.

  2. Torsten Adair says:

    Quite an amazing woman… Knighted (she was a British “anchor baby” of American parents), glamorous, and aside from the various marriages, led a scandal-free life.

    Most child actors would be wise to follow her example.

  3. Huh? “R”lizabeth? I dungeddit.

  4. Justin Fairfax says:

    If Hollywood had Royalty, she was it:

  5. The Hollywood-royalty angle… doesn’t impress me. The fact that she used it to promote AIDS research at a time when people of her social class were keeping their distance… did.

  6. Incredibly talented, almost absurdly beautiful, and devoted to noble causes–that’s a package that doesn’t come along often in this world.

  7. did a small stint on a soap opera. did guest shots on shows like ‘here’s lucy’ and ‘the nanny’ over the years. an amazing talent that didn’t take herself too seriously. cool. condolences to friends and family.

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