RIP Mike Esposito


(image ©Marv Wolfman)

Silver Age inking manstay Mike Esposito has passed away at the age of 83, according to numerous online sources. Esposito was best known for his collaboration with penciller Ross Andru on Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man and hundreds of other books.

Mark Evanier has a brief remembrance here:

Mike was a jovial, dependable gent who was trusted by editors and liked by his peers. In the seventies, he gave assisting work to a number of young artists, helping them to learn the industry and gain a foot in the door. He was also a good friend to other inkers, always ready to aid a colleague with a deadline problem. For many years, friends tried to persuade him to travel to San Diego to be honored and interviewed at the Comic-Con International but he always declined, citing health problems and a reticence to fly. I’m sorry we never got him to make the trip because I think he would have been surprised and overwhemed to learn how many fans he had.


  1. Kenn McDonald says

    I was a huge fan of his work. The Conway/Andru/Esposito run on Spider-Man defined the character for me.

  2. says

    A superior inker and quite the professional. He and Ross Andru drew some of my best childhood comic book memories.

    Beau Smith
    The Flying Fist Ranch

  3. Luda says

    It’s a tragedy that Mike Esposito passed away. He was the real legend. I believe that all characters he created will help to keep the memory of him and his talent. There so many people whose child’s memory are connected with the Wonder Woman or Metal Man. For those who would like to contribute to Mike’s memorial site, please be welcome to come to

  4. says

    I read the Mike Esposito interview in Alter Ego just last week, so his story was fresh on my mind whem I just found out he passed. I grew up on his Flash, Star Spangled War Stories, and Metal Men work he did with Ross Andru. This is sad news. His legacy as one of the most proficient, dependable inkers & artists will live on for centuries. He and Ross are united again. Rest in peace.

  5. Wade says

    Still collecting your work cousin Mike. Never got a chance to thank you for the spidey drawing your did for my son…. So…..thank you… in peace

  6. Wade says

    Still collecting your work cousin Mike. Never got a chance to thank you for the spidey drawing you did for my son…. So…..thank you… in peace

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