RIP: Leslie Nielsen


While he will be long remembered for his timeless, side-splitting, searing portrayal of Lt. Frank Drebin, we shouldn’t forget Leslie Nielsen’s earlier stint as a stolid, upright leading man that allowed his later send-ups of this same role to pack such punch. And of course, he was pretty memorable in FORBIDDEN PLANET, a classic ’50s SF version of The Tempest that also introduced Robbie the Robot on a waiting world.

But it’s in Police Squad and POLICE STORY that Nielsen, who died at age 84 this weekend, will be best remembered.



  1. So sad about this. I know he was in his 80’s but he really died to young. Love Love LOVE forbidden planet. You’re only the second person I’ve even know to get it’s connection to The Tempest.

  2. Farewell, Lt. Frank Drebin.

    Lance Roger Axt
    The AudioComics Company

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