RIP Kurt Vonnegut


So it goes.


  1. I saw this a little while ago on the MSNBC site, and all I can say is:

    What a fucking bummer.

    Vonnegut, him I’ll mourn.

  2. Ben McCool says:

    Cheerio, Kurt. You were one of the very, very best.

  3. One of my heroes. His books are like a life raft for the disaffected.


  4. Jonathan says:

    P.S. as of 9:02am EDT Slaughterhouse-Five was up to #56 on Amazon’s top sellers. I guess that Courtney Cox in that show Dirt was right: “nothing sells like death.”

  5. I love Vonnegut. He was one of the few authors my high school friends and I considered “cool”. We used to pass around his novels.

  6. Jon B. Cooke says:

    From the NYT News Service obit:

    “[Kurt Vonnegut] was also accused of repeating himself, of recycling themes and characters. Some readers found his work incoherent. His harshest critics called him no more than a comic book philosopher, a purveyor of empty aphorisms.”

    Sigh. And so it goes…


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