RIP: Courtney Utt

Designer Courtney Utt, who was responsible for some of Viz’s most distinctive covers, passed away recently at the age of just 37 following a long battle with brain cancer.

You can see much of Utt’s work here.


  1. says

    I totally loved DMC. The manga and the anime.

    But for Utt, or anyone, to pass away at 37 years old… that is so unfair that there must be another word for it. My sympathies to her friends and family.

  2. Coffy David-Shea says

    Thank you for posting. I worked with Courtney on several projects at Viz Media. She was a great colleague, was very passionate and truly cared about the work. She is missed.

  3. Brian says

    A real shame to lose such a talent at such a young age. Maybe it’s because I’m a cancer survivor, but it seems like everyone’s getting it more and more frequently. Very sad. Best wishes to her friends and family.

  4. Vivek says

    I am finding out about this a lot after the fact. You are missed Courtney!

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