Revealed: Who really got Osama


Click for the larger version. Also notice how they ran out of time on some of the photoshopping.

Via Dave G.


  1. Hey, they airbrushed out Sue Storm!

  2. I presume the Joker was there purely as a consultant on how to engage homicidal madmen.

  3. Ian Boothby says:

    Lex Luthor really laid the groundwork to make this all possible when he was president.

  4. What, no Wolvie? Oh, that’s right, he’s Canadian.

  5. You got it all wrong it was TMZ who leaked Osamas hideout to the US

  6. nwprodigal says:

    nice. wish it had gotten finished though… gotta print this out and hang it in the Government Classroom. Wonder Woman’s looking kind of aged…..on second thought… they all do…

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