Reminder: Eisner Award Hall of Fame deadline is Friday


March 23rd is the deadline for voting in The 2012 Eisner Hall of Fame Awards. There are 14 nominees; four will go in:

Bill Blackbeard
Howard Chaykin
Richard Corben
Carlos Ezquerra
Lee Falk
Bob Fujitani
Jesse Marsh
Tarpé Mills
Mort Meskin
Dennis O’Neil
Dan O’Neill
Katsuhiro Otomo
Trina Robbins
Gilbert Shelton

It’s a fantastic slate and the choice is hard—so don’t forget to vote, if you are a comics professional. More about all the nominees in the above link.


  1. Mark Morey says

    Jesse Marsh–for older Boomers, *the* Tarzan artist and far and away *the* “John Carter of Mars” artist.

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