Read LOCAL #3 for free

Right now! Buy the amazing hardcover collection next.



  1. I was about to point out a typo, in a helpful sort of way but then understood that the book is already printed. Prom the preview, it looks like a good story, the dialogue is very “real”!

  2. ha ha, “Prom the review”, how ironic of me. Back to the Mavis Beacon typing app…

  3. the hardcover is just plain awesome. got mine yesterday.

  4. Ryan Kelly has come a long way, from when he used to hang out at my house looking at my Star Trek pages….

    Way to go, Ryan!

  5. michael says:

    Amazing, very pretty. Good read. But I’m just not on with that style of artwork. I like mine, ‘tighter’ most of the time. I like how it seems to have lots of brushwork and is loose for artistic inspiration, but I feel it loses something by not holding to (if any) pencilwork that was laid down first.

    Eh, I’m just rambling. Maybe I’ll buy the next issue.

  6. Ha: “Meggin.” Brilliant.

    I honestly thought I’d read more of Local. I guess I fell away from the series after #2.

    I’ll have to wait for a softcover edition, but rest assured: I am going to wait.


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