Random universe, random links — 11-20-09

§ Tucker Stone is at it again.

§ Is someone making a book of Stan Lee’s tweets? They should.

The reason I always say “good night” is I don’t want you staying up for hours denying yourself sleep, desperately waiting for my next tweet

§ Jog examines the ORIGINAL Astro Boy.

§ Cartoonist Berkeley Breathed is also doing the happy dance that there will be no 20000 Leagues remake.

§ For some mysterious reason unknown to me, we have yet to link to this totally excellent NY Times profile of Joe Kubert. HIs art auction is ongoing.

§ Speaking of the New York Times, they also had a Holiday Gift Guide featuring Graphic Novels.

More cute baby pictures of Juni Kibuishi


  1. says

    Stan Lee’s tweets are up there with Warren Ellis’ and Matt Fraction’s as my favorite things about Twitter. Say what you will about “The Man,” he certainly knows how to entertain his audience.

  2. Ian Brill says

    Stan Lee and Michael Kupperman are the two Twitters you HAVE to follow.

  3. Cormorant says

    Wow, so that’s Tucker Stone, huh?

    What a totally bitchin’ public access video that snarky high schooler has made.

  4. says

    So… American soldiers fought from the beginning(!) and saved the world from the Germans and the Russians(!). Right.

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