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Over on the Wildstorm blog the other day, they dropped a BOMBSHELL. Gen13 is getting a new artist, a very talented fellow. And his name is Cruddie Torian.

How do you just go on after this kind of thing? Why does Austin Trunick get to be the one who writes the blog post called Meet Cruddie Torian? After the last few weeks, we could just say that over and over and again for hours…and in fact, we may already have done so. We haven’t been so jealous since the post on Ikea Hacker called Spice up your Grundtal.

That reminded us of another recent obsession over here at SBM, the Mets relief pitcher named Lance Broadway.


Lance Broadway. How does this happen???
Mr. Broadway is a former prospect in the Chicago White Sox organization and, sadly, has been unimpressive for the Mets thus far with 6 appearances and an ERA of 6.00. Oops.

But, imagine if Lance Broadway and Cruddie Torian teamed up to fight crime! Cruddie & Lance. Now that is the sort of thing that gets attention, that has potential. They could just go spice up their grundtals and everything would fall into place.


  1. Torsten Adair says

    When Mr. Broadway loses a game at Citi Field, do they play “Miami 2012”?

    Reminds me of a nice Jewish girl I knew in grade school… Anna Tevah.

  2. Phil Hester says

    For the record: Cruddie is pronounced Crew-dee. And he’s kicking ass on the Gen 13 run I’m writing.

  3. Charles Knight says

    I’m more amazed they still publish Wildstorm – the last thing I saw from that imprint was some sub-Mad Max future where The Authority were scrubbing around for tins of beans and the back-up stories were always those randomly selected parts of a story that made no sense unless you bought every title they published.

  4. SpyBoy says

    You might want to give them a second look then. They’re doing some fun stuff. Gen13 is a hoot and looking forward to Wood’s DV8. But that’s me.

  5. Charles Knight says

    “You might want to give them a second look then.”

    They have scrapped the mad max stuff?

  6. michael says

    Cruddie looks okay from that one pic, but i much prefer the current art team! :(

  7. says

    I remember someone from high school who’s dad’s name was Barry Tone. Methinks his parents had a sense of humor.

    Anyway, I’m pretty sure Lance Broadway ranks right up there with the world’s most manliest names. Color me envious.

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