Pull Quotes: Integral to the human experience

“One of the writers I heard the other day said he didn’t think there was any such thing as artistic genius, which is exactly how I feel. And I do feel that art is as integral to human experience as our autonomic nervous system. I think I said, it’s like saying somebody has a talent for saliva production. You’re a genius at producing saliva! Or man, can you grow hair! “He’s brilliant!” But I do think the converse is true. I do think people can be talked out of it, or shocked out of it. It’s amazing to me how frightened people are of making their own art. Terrified.”

-Lynda Barry(WHAT IT IS), from part one of a two-part interview with The Walrus.


(Above: from Tom Neely’s THE BLOT)

Tom Neely (THE BLOT) tells 20 Questions with Cartoonists whether drawing is a pleasure or a pain:

“When I’m not drawing it’s a pain. I will spend days avoiding it. Making art is a really hard process for me because I think about it so much. I often find myself very intimidated by the act of drawing. I’ll agonize over every reason not to do it. I sometimes have weeks go by with no drawing and I start to get really depressed and listless. The longer I go without drawing, the harder it is to start, and the more depressed I get. When I start getting stressed or depressed I’ll forget why I feel that way. Then my wife will tell me “Go out to your studio and draw!” And as soon as I pick up a pencil or dip the brush in ink, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I love the feel of dragging a brush full of ink across a toothy sheet of paper. That’s pure pleasure.”

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