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Ted Rall sent us a link to his first cartoon, “Obama’s First Day.”

Rall wrote, drew and designed the characters for “President Obama’s First Day,” a tongue-firmly-in-cheek look at liberal Democrats’ fantasies of how an Obama Administration would instantly change things for the better. The animation was done by David Essman.

“There are some great Flash-based edittoons out there, but they take a different approach than I do. I see each animated cartoon as a skit, as a mini TV show,” Rall said. “I hope people enjoy watching ‘Obama’s First Day’ as much as David and I enjoyed making it.”

We enjoyed that cartoon but along the way we discovered this one, “Presidential Election Meets Pokemon McCain Vs Hillary & Obama,” which is like…

…maybe the greatest thing ever in history. Or at least since Lasagna Cat. Or this:


  1. says

    I like the kittens the best. As an aside, I’ve come up with a new super-hero. The Obama-Nation. Using Obama’s DNA spliced with that of other super-heroes, to create a hero of hope, the cloning process went horribly wrong. Thus the Obama-Nation was born. He may be a one eyed freak, with fire burning from a hole in his open skull, but he’s still our friend. Plus, here’s the best kitten video ever…

  2. says

    Ok, uh, that Pokemon thing is going to keep me happy for at least 72 hours. I won’t really get into why, because I’m supposed to be a grown-up.

  3. says

    The most brilliant part of the Pokemon video is something probably nobody will ever notice … the icon choices.

    The pokemon used to represent Obama is called “Unknown.”

    Also, for what it’s worth:

    Hillary is most likely a Meowth

    John Edwards is either a Clefairy or a Jigglypuff (the same icon represented both in Gold/Silver)

    Bill Richardson is a Sudowoodo (a rock that pretends its a tree)

    Joe Biden could also be a Meowth – although that cat thing also represents Vulpix, the fire-fox

    And that thing for Kucinich could be anything from Tauros (a bull) to Raticate (a rat) so who knows.

  4. John Smith says

    “Rall’s work actually translates well in animation. ”

    Yes, it sucks in animation precisely as much as it sucks in static form.

  5. says

    Oh man, I’m so happy I wasn’t the only one who found that Rall Cartoon awful. It was just terrible. I can’t believe that it was even attempting to be funny.

  6. rlsims says

    o kitteh, life is cruel! you want in teh box until you are in the box, then you want out!

  7. says

    Some of the Rall clip was worthwhile. After all, it had donkeys that trot on air. And get locked to bike racks. Also, that Obama squirts rainbows out of his hind-quarters when in flight (not unlike Julie Powers) was pretty much how I knew it should be.

  8. says

    That Rall cartoon was terrible. No sense of pacing or timing, Rall himself is a shitty voice actor, and the jokes weren’t anywhere near good enough to make up for it.

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