Platinum’s new advisory board

In our endless wanderings, we came across a press release announcing that Platinum Studios has a new advisory board, comprised of folks like former studio head Mark Canton, producer Gale Anne Hurd, and other board member types. You can read the whole thing in the jump, but we’ll restrict ourselves to the most obvious points to ponder here:

• Hopefully, these board members won’t have to be paid.

• What are they advising? Not to hire DJ Coffman?

• This board will allow Platinum to access additional contacts in the film, television, online, retail and video game industries and in development of the 5600 comic characters and storylines in the Platinum Studios portfolio. That could take a looooong time.

• Does anyone believe this stuff any more?

Platinum Studios, Inc. (OTCBB: PDOS), an entertainment company that controls an international library of more than 5,600 comic book characters which it adapts, produces and licenses for all forms of media, announced today that it is creating an Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is being formed to help further the company’s pursuits of home video and theatrical distribution, marketing, and developing content for new media.

Inaugural members of the Advisory Board include Mark Canton, former Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment and currently Chairman Atmosphere Entertainment; Richard Fowkes, Head of Business Affairs for Legendary Pictures and former EVP in charge of business affairs for the motion picture group at Paramount Pictures, Andrea Hein, former President of Viacom Consumer Products and current EVP of First Wives World; Michael Helfant, former President and COO of Marvel Studios; Gale Anne Hurd, Chairman of Valhalla Motion Pictures; John W. Hyde, former President and CEO of Film Roman, former Vice Chairman of Starz Media and currently Chairman of Rehab Incorporated; Jerry Katzman, former Vice Chairman of William Morris Agency; Steve Milo, former President of New Media for Marvel Comics; Gareb Shamus, Founder of Wizard Entertainment; Charlie Weber, former CEO of Lucasfilm; Glenn Rigberg, President of Rigberg Entertainment Group; and Ed Dille, Chairman of Fog Studios.

“The vast experience and success with various forms of entertainment that each advisory board member brings with them will allow Platinum to access additional contacts in the film, television, online, retail and video game industries and in development of the 5600 comic characters and storylines in the Platinum Studios portfolio,” said Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, chairman of Platinum Studios. “I am excited by each and every member’s willingness to join the Advisory Board and support Platinum in a more formal role.”
The Advisory Board reflects Platinum’s ongoing commitment to becoming an industry leader in developing comic-based content for use in all forms of media. Collectively, the Advisory Board members bring with them decades of varying experience and perspective in the entertainment industry and will each play an important role in the company’s continued growth and development.


  1. AdamB says:

    It’s hollywood, so they often work handjobs and false promises.

    That advisory board should advise Platinum to do something to quiet Coffman. Either kill him or give him his Hero By Night rights back?

  2. As anyone who knows anything about this boring stuff knows, advisory boards don’t do anything. It’s just something to soothe investors and the public, and for everybody to put in their resume. They’re like executive producers.

  3. The Beat says:

    I’m well aware of the “like at the bright lights over here, kid!” aspect of phony press releases like this. It’s just that it’s this kind of press that gets headlines like “Comic book genius.”

  4. Tom Spurgeon says:

    Zeitgeist is an idiot.

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