Peter Kuper’s Lucha Libre condoms

Speaking of the latest in latex protection, Peter Kuper has designed “Lucha Libre: condom wrappers:

Peter Kuper Lucha Libre Condoms feature the Manhattan-based illustrator’s unique Mexican wrestler design….Available in assorted handpacked bags of 12, 60, and 144.



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  1. […] Kuper, the current artist for Mad Magazine’s strip Spy vs Spy, started off his section by laying out an impressive history in political comics. He, along with a few other artists, founded the magazine World War 3 Illustrated during Reagan’s presidency as an outlet for political comics in a time, he says, when even work by Art Spiegelman wouldn’t be published if it featured controversial subject matter. The magazine begat gallery exhibits, a retrospective at the late Exit Art,and other, less typical projects for Kuper like condom packaging design. […]

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