Persistence pays off

0070f Persistence pays off
We finally have a new-ish laptop on the way, thanks to waking up at ungodly hours like 7 am every day. This dayworld of yours is scary and yet somehow…beautiful.

April was another record smashing month for The Beat. We’re now regularly hitting a million page views a month, which is quite healthy for a blog, even an “elite” one. In fact things show no sign of slowing down here at Stately Beat Manor, and once our equipment “setbacks” are remedied, we may need some helper bees. We still need to get the events calendar up to speed again (Cindy the Intern has been super busy with her cartooning assignments and we’ve been away half the time.) As some of our recent features show, we are open to guest posting, so if you have a yen to express yourself here, let us know.


  1. Congratulations, Heidi! THE BEAT is one of the sites I check more than once a day. Keep up the good work!

  2. That’s great news, Heidi. Love the Beat, glad it’s continuing to grow.

  3. Calvin Reid says:

    I love the Beat, but then you already know that.

  4. By “helper bees,” you mean a guy in a loincloth and dancing monkeys?
    Success hasn’t changed you a bit:)

  5. The Beat says:

    Habe, you made me LAUGH.

  6. Heidi does a brilliant job here. I only go 2 places for my comic news. This one is first…

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