People just like it better that way

(tip of the hat to the always-right Kurt Busiek who posted this on his Facebook page.)



  1. Roto13 says:

    That was an awesome sketch or whatever. Though I think I preferred the time they did White Lines.

  2. Simon Jones says:

    The Tiny Toons version is still superior.

  3. Both the Ferguson sketches are awesome. Both great songs too. :)

  4. michael says:

    Ferguson is easily the most entertaining of all the prime time evening talk show hosts!!! The man deserves more work in the showbiz field! :)

  5. Wait a moment. Was that belly dancer you, Heidi?

  6. Xenos says:

    Ferguson and They Might Be Giants. Nice. I lost it when the puppets popped up and the wavy crocodile had the fez.

  7. Now I know my Halloween costume…
    I guess I’d better start practicing my bellydancing.

  8. sroman says:

    I prefer his interpretation of Fatboy Slim’s “Wonderful Night”:

  9. John Warren says:

    Love Ferguson and TMBG. Awesome.

  10. Hard to imagine Letterman or Leno even attempting this kind of thing. Total dedication to making the viewer smile. Impressive.

  11. This is a piece of genius!

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