Paul Pope’s Battling Boy trailer debuts

Battling Boy is one of the year’s major releases, a long brewing hero’s journey accompanied by some of the most spectacular work of Paul Pope’s career. Boing Boing jus debuted the trailer and a 10 page preview. While book trailers are often shorter motion comics, BB work’s pretty well for the limited animation style.

Battling Boy concerns a young hero who must rescue the city of Arcopolis—as boys his age do where he comes from. It’s a story that mixes archetypes from superheroes and mythology, Kirby and Moebius. It’s about time!

Battling Boy comes out from First Second this October.


  1. AWESOME!!

  2. Looking forward to this book. And the trailer is amazing!

  3. Haggard West says:

    Don’t forget to pick up the prelude “The Death Of Haggard West” featuring me.

  4. George Bush (not that one) says:

    wow just amazing !!!

  5. Great stuff. Now if we can just get more Paul Pope comics on a regular basis!

  6. Looks awesome – really enjoyed my preview copy from BEA.

  7. Simon Jones says:

    That looks amazing.

    I am going to buy two copies, one for me and one for someone smaller than me. I mean for nieces and nephews, and not just a random dwarf.

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