Paul Pope for DKNY

1131 i6 dkny mens jeans 6 Paul Pope for DKNY
Nylon Magazine previews the new line of DKNY men’s wear which sports art by Paul Pope.


  1. I’ve never worn anything DKNY. Now might be the time to start.

  2. I so don’t have the body shape for one of those. Pity.

  3. Steve P.-O. says:

    I wish I were cool (and young!) enough to wear some of that …


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  2. Popewear says:

    […] I used to joke that it was cosmically unjust that my old Manhattan neighbor Paul Pope not only won wide, persistent acclaim for his excellent comics artwork, but looks like a runway model to boot.  Well, now I see he’s actually dressing runway models.  If Paul ever starts writing about FISA, I’m becoming an accountant. […]

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