Pat Johnson takes over Pantheon

Following the layoff of Pantheon publisher Janice Goldklang last week, Random House’s Knopf division has completed its reorganization, Jim Milliot reports. Pat Johnson, formerly head of Knopf, will add Pantheon to her duties, with the title Executive Vice President, Publishing Director, Alfred A. Knopf and Pantheon. Editorial Director Dan Frank, who has spearheaded much of the graphic novel publishing at Pantheon, will remain in charge of Pantheon’s editorial direction.


  1. michael says:

    Will this help or hinder the possible Cancer Vixen movie? O.o

  2. Firefly says:

    Mazel tov.


  1. […] A Publishers Weekly story noted by Heidi MacDonald reports that Pat Johnson, previously Publishing Director for Alfred A. Knopf, will add Pantheon publishing duties to her portfolio of responsibilities following the departure of Janice Goldklang as part of a series of lay-offs and reorganization at the Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. Dan Frank will continue in his position as Editorial Director at the Pantheon imprint. The Publishers Weekly piece reprints in full letters by Chariman Sonny Mehta and President Tony Chirico detailing the reorganization in full. […]

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