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Spider-Man musical gets a new player: Greg Horn

A new name joins the fabled Spider-Man musical.

Critics drub Spider-Man with savage beating

Although the official opening isn’t until March, figuring the troubled Spider-Man musical has had enough time to get things right by any reasonable standard (but not by Julie Taymor’s) theater critics are flouting tradition by releasing reviews of the show during previews. And they are administering the kind of beating that Spider-Man would normally expect only from Venom.

Spider-Man musical news roundup

The never-ending story of the Spider-Man musical continues:

• Director Julie Taymor is out and about promoting her film THE TEMPEST, and also answering questions about the musical. As many have pointed out…it’s still a work in progress. Maybe that book — the script — does need a bit of work:

Spider-Man musical debut gets hung up

Well, it has actually happened. We’ve been covering the Spider-Man musical story since it was first whispered, 5 or 6 years ago, and last year, at the Foxwoods Theatre in Manhattan, the very first public performance of the musical, directed by theater great Julie Taymor, with music by Bono and the Edge, of well known rock band, U2. Some thought this day would never come.

Spider-Man musical: Deadly but beautiful

The Spider-Man musical is becoming more of a legend by the day. If it wasn’t epic cost overruns and cast changes, it was a stage setup so ambitious and dangerous that people were breaking bones. Safety concerns have led the Dept. of Labor to inspect the set after a stunt player broke both wrists in […]

Even more Spider-Man Musical stuff

We’re just about to hop in the car to get down to SPX, but GMAs Spider-musical package also had an interview with director Julie Taymor which we haven’t had time to watch — but Kevin Melrose did and Taymor shows off designs for Green Goblin and Swiss Miss, which are…cutting edge. Bonus: producer Michael Cohl […]

Spider-Man song debuts tomorrow on Good Morning America

They said it couldn’t be done.

Arising from a shambling mess of over-spending, poor planning, and bad management, against all odds the Spider-Man musical — and its titanotheric top line of talent, including theater heavyweight Julie Taymor, guitar god Edge and immanence manifest Bono — are actually coming to Broadway. Earlier in the week, the very first perplexing set concept art emerged, which you can see above. And today, Friday, a song from the musical will be performed for a mass audience for the first time, when Reeve Carney, who plays Spider-Man, sings one of the songs on Good Morning America. If you happen to be up and about at 7 am, you can even watch the taping.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 5/21/10

The Spider-Man musical rises yet again! Todd Goldman at it again? What does Benjamin Marra think of DC Comics? You will learn everything with just one simple click…

Alan Cumming drops out of Spider-Man musical which will never happen

EW reports that Alan Cumming, who was slated to play the Green Goblin, has dropped out of the Spider-Man musical due to actually working, namely a regular role on The Good Wife. With potential Mary Jane Evan Rachel Wood also recently exiting, and a slew of delays, restarts, revamps, and some $50 million already spent […]

Spidey musical rises again — UPDATED

Disney, which has been a major player on Broadway since Beauty and the Beast and on with The Lion King, Mary Poppins and many others, has UPDATE: Well, another source, the NY Times Arts Beat states that Disney WASN’T the white knight here, and Spidey got it together on its own. Another executive involved with […]

Spider-Man musical back on track, Carney official for Peter

Last week’s Spider-Man musical showdown seems to have had a successful conclusion, inasmuch as it resulted in positive press releases being sent out. Former Live Nation president Michael Cohl has been brought in to make sure the financially beleaguered production actually makes it to the stage; the inexperienced David Garfinkel, whose missteps are widely believed […]

Can the Spidey musical overcome its greatest foes? UPDATE

UPDATE: It seems that today is the day of decision, as the NY Times and Post report. Today a meeting is being held to decide the future of the show. Fingers crossed! John Horn in the LA Times finally has a fully researched–he’s even read the script– story on the sprawling mess that is the […]

Zemeckis readies mocap, CGI YELLOW SUBMARINE remake

Now how ON EARTH are they going to do this? Maybe Ahmed Best can play Ringo. We can kinda see Heinz Edelmann‘s classic designs being”fleshed out” to 3D…their blobbiness is very similar to what most CGI characters look like. According to the piece, the remake — planned for a 2012 release, just in time for […]

Broadway Spidey’s dark has gotten turned on

According to the NY Post, the immensely complicated and expensive — $45 million — Spider-Man Broadway musical, has shut down production because it ran out of money. Directed by Julie Taymor with music by Bono and The Edge, the musical — entitled SPIDER-MAN: TURN OFF THE DARK — promised to be a spectacle like nothing […]

Real details on Spidey musical finally revealed

A presentation for group sales agents and ticket brokers by director Julie Taymor and composer Bono and the Edge reveals lots and lots of details on what sounds like a groundbreaking musical experience: Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark: The NY Post’s Spidey senses were tingling: WHAT do you call a $40 million theatrical extravaganza that […]

Spider-Man, Turn Off The Dark

In all their business news yesterday, a firm opening, title, and other info for the Spider-Man musical was announced. You’ll recall that the musical will be directed by Julie Taymor with music and lyrics by Bono and the Edge, and a book by Taymor and Glen Berger. No casting has been announced, but in red […]