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HeroesCon stays relaxed and fun

As usual, southern hospitality is keeping HeroesCon at the Charlotte Convention center a laid-back relax-a-con as opposed to some of the more frantic offerings on the con schedule. Heroes organizer Shelton Drum gave us the literal bird-eye view of the show last night — pre-reg was high, and the show floor is completely sold out, […]

Help the CBLDF at HeroesCon and beyond

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund needs volunteers for HeroesCon You get free lunch so it’s a good deal.

They also need some volunteers in their New York headquarters as they recently moved and need help getting things sorted. YOU can contact them for either matter via Facebook.

HeroesCon: Stuff People are Doing and Groovy Art They are Selling

Things to do. People to see. Cool art by Scott Morse and Tom Fowler. In case you haven’t figured it out yet…ALL the cool people are going to HeroesCon, and it’s gonna be a good time.

You know the drill.

HeroesCon Day 1

Alas no time for a full report right now due to wifi cutting out. We’re having a swell time down here in Charlotte. It’s odd to see indie mainstays like Dan Nadel, Alvin Buenaventura and Randy Chang running around in the middle of an old fashioned comic book convention — one person we spoke to […]

HeroesCon: Top Shelf

Top Shelf told us they will be out in force this weekend with more cartoonists than they’ve ever brought along before. Safety in numbers. Alex Robinson — Too Cool To Be Forgotten Jeffrey Brown — Incredible Change-Bots Matt Kindt — Super Spy Andy Runton — Owly Robert Venditti — The Surrogates Liz Prince — Delayed […]

HeroesCon: Image

Image confided their plans to us: “HeroesCon is a darned fine funnybook show,” Image Comics Publisher Erik Larsen said. “In an age when outside media like movies and video games have taken over most conventions, Shelton Drumm and his dedicated team consistently keep Heroes focused on what matters most to those of us in the […]

HeroesCon Misc.

The Spurge, who will be he Iron Man of Moderation*, has the best overall round-up of the show. We should note that we’re told that Michael Golden (above) and Mark Texeira will also have new art prints at the show. Bryan Lee O’Malley will have STICKERS! And Jim Rugg will have a sketchbook and an […]

HeroesCon: Low Key Comics Party

Low Key Comics will be premiering Snug Comics #1 at their rock show/party party Saturday at heroes Con: Details below but more info here. Low Key Comics presents: Snug Comics featuring Calabi Yau, Young Tom Fury, Battle Beasts, and the Lights, Fluorescent Saturday, June 21st 9PM Snug Harbor 1228 Gordon St. Charlotte, NC 28205 […]

This week…HeroesCon!

This weekend’s big event is definitely HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC — and The Beat will be there. This is our only non-local con appearance this year aside form San Diego, and we can’t wait. Shelton Drum throws a good old fashioned comics convention with a laid back vibe that have made it a favorite for […]

HeroesCon over view

You can find out all you need to know right here. Rosario Dawson will be a guest once again, and Jerry Robinson has joined the list. Here’s a late update: Like we just said three days ago: the guest list is a slippery beast; you never can be sure who’s going to decide to cancel […]

Shooter, Beatty, and Zeck Reunite for a Secret Wars 30th Anniversary Tour


Reading about the original Secret Wars from 1984 is fascinating on many levels. Between Sean Howe’s excellent retelling of the story behind the story (of Secret Wars) in Marvel Comics: The Untold Story and Marvel’s massive reboot of the saga, there’s a lot to be curious about. Thankfully, former Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief and Secret Wars […]

Jill Thompson is working on ” A Very Selfish Princess” a standalone Wonder Woman graphic novel


I was at HeroesCon a few years back and ran into Jill Thompson. “Whatcha working on, Jill?” I asked. She said it was secret, but showed me a page of art with an island on it. So I guess that Jill Thompson’s Wonder Woman project has been a badly kept “Secret” for a while. However on FB yesterday she cleared up what the project is and even gave it a name:

Breaking Down the Latest Convention Controversy

Kickstarter Panel

OK, comicsphere, we need to talk about conventions. This convention hubbub that’s flared up in the last week or so is a fairly complex one. Just for the sake of the arguments that are still going on, let’s break this down into the individual issues that are affecting creators that are exhibiting at comics shows.

Issue #1 – CCINO

Yes, I’m borrowing from political rhetoric. “Comic Conventions In Name Only.” Ever been to an alleged comic convention that had little-to-zero comics programming, few (if any) comics publishers exhibiting and pretty much all the comics content was artists alley and anyone selling comics in the dealers area?

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 8/11/14: Watterson pages sell for $74,040


Happy Monday, people. Hope you enjoyed that Supermoon. § I have several excellent candidates for the new indie chart analyst here, including some writers I wasn’t previously aware of, so I’ll be sifting through those this week. In the meantime, Chris Rice…paging Chris Rice… § I promise I will do a San Diego wrap-up piece […]

Bernie Wrightson is in hospital but doing well


He was just at HeroesCon, running around, smiling and putting this amazing work (done with Scott Hampton) in the auction (I know it doesn’t photograph well but it had everyone amazed), but according to social media, legendary horror artist Bernie Wrighton has been hospitalized following a series of small strokes. Steve Niles has been updating […]

The Beat is 10 today!!!


I actually don’t remember the day I started this blog—it was June or July somethingth 2004- so I’ve arbitrarily decided today will henceforth be The Beat’s anniversary. Ten long years of late nights, sleeping five hours, web crashes, Vietnamese Instant Coffee, Amon Tobin, Luke Vibert, Vitalic, Tipsy, Mahler, Stravinsky and Amy Winehouse. Ten years of stopping whatever else I was doing at some point to say “I gotta do The Beat now.” Ten years of watching the graphic novel industry grow, 10 years of a new golden age of comics, the rise and fall of manga, the rise and rise of comic book movies and TV shows, firings, hirings, 10 days that shook the world. Ten years of the internet changing every week or minute. When I began there was no Tumblr, no Twitter, no Facebook, no Youtube, no smart phones. People were so starved for entertainment that they actually read websites run by one person in their pajamas.