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Hooray for HeroesCon

Not much to report — bar con was packed and buzzing last night. We got to hang out and talk about storytelling with old Beat pal Jaime Hernandez — surely a convention year highlight.

It’s pretty incredible that this show has been running for 30 years! We’re hoping to sit down with owner Shelton Drum at some point and get his thoughts on that. This year’s convention booklet has a picture from the very first show — with a bunch of bearded guys including Wolfman and Miek Zeck — who are both back.

HeroesCon — where I'll be

This weekend it’s the 30th annual HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC. Wow 30 years! Not too many shows have that kind of heritage, but Shelton Drum’s show has now settled down into the so-much-fun I-can’t-wait-to-see-everyone good time con experience. We’ll be quite busy with THREE panels as follows:

Some quick HeroesCon links

Just a few links while we’re on the road.

HeroesCon Frolic — Fri-Sat

From drink ‘n’ draw to the White Party.

HeroesCon is going on

Sorry for the silence, but we’ve been busy here on the road in Charlotte where everything has been just as cordial and relaxing as expected. And believe me, we’re gathering lots of intelligence on the ground about many things. Oh yes.

Don't Forget: HEROESCON! this weekend

In all the ruckus we have forgotten to talk about the show that is probably, if pressed, my very favorite show of the year, or at least ONE of my very most favorite: HeroesCon, in Charlotte. As always Shelton Drum and his crew — now aided by the maestro, Rico Renzi — throw the best damn comic party you can imagine, a three day fest of art, comics, dinner, panels, sketches, strolling, grits and everything else enjoyable you can imagine.

HeroesCon Final Thoughts

Although we’re probably the very last person to get our HeroesCon thoughts online, it was such a good time, it would be wrong not to enumerate a few of the ways it rocked. Although everyone knows that Shelton Drum, Dustin Harbin and the rest of the Heroes crew know how to extend Southern hospitality to convention guests in a relaxed, unassuming way, the show — the largest HeroesCon yet by all signs — also served as a near-perfect capsule of the comics industry, thanks to a wide ranging, well-deployed guest list showcased in diverse, entertaining programming. While Indie Island is Harbin’s baby and remains a hotbed of amazing talent, the rest of the show showed off other elements of the cartooning world — there was a wall of strip cartoonists, for instance, and the “mainstream mainland” included an amazing lineup of artists from Brian Bolland to Jill Thompson to Adam Hughes and Tony Harris.

HeroesCon: The wrap

Just a quickie from the lobby — great show, great people, and also a fantastic mix of comics and genres, from comic strips to superheroes to indies to webcomics. Above, Rice Boy — read it!

HeroesCon mid-con

Using the lobby Wi-Fi, while everyone else is at the con, but everyone is having a great time. As Johanna Draper Carlson put it: This convention has been about taking it as it comes, stopping and enjoying the moment, with great conversations, paying attention to where I am instead of chasing the next thing. I’m […]

HeroesCon stays relaxed and fun

As usual, southern hospitality is keeping HeroesCon at the Charlotte Convention center a laid-back relax-a-con as opposed to some of the more frantic offerings on the con schedule. Heroes organizer Shelton Drum gave us the literal bird-eye view of the show last night — pre-reg was high, and the show floor is completely sold out, […]

Help the CBLDF at HeroesCon and beyond

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund needs volunteers for HeroesCon You get free lunch so it’s a good deal.

They also need some volunteers in their New York headquarters as they recently moved and need help getting things sorted. YOU can contact them for either matter via Facebook.

HeroesCon: Stuff People are Doing and Groovy Art They are Selling

Things to do. People to see. Cool art by Scott Morse and Tom Fowler. In case you haven’t figured it out yet…ALL the cool people are going to HeroesCon, and it’s gonna be a good time.

You know the drill.

HeroesCon Day 1

Alas no time for a full report right now due to wifi cutting out. We’re having a swell time down here in Charlotte. It’s odd to see indie mainstays like Dan Nadel, Alvin Buenaventura and Randy Chang running around in the middle of an old fashioned comic book convention — one person we spoke to […]

HeroesCon: Top Shelf

Top Shelf told us they will be out in force this weekend with more cartoonists than they’ve ever brought along before. Safety in numbers. Alex Robinson — Too Cool To Be Forgotten Jeffrey Brown — Incredible Change-Bots Matt Kindt — Super Spy Andy Runton — Owly Robert Venditti — The Surrogates Liz Prince — Delayed […]

HeroesCon: Image

Image confided their plans to us: “HeroesCon is a darned fine funnybook show,” Image Comics Publisher Erik Larsen said. “In an age when outside media like movies and video games have taken over most conventions, Shelton Drumm and his dedicated team consistently keep Heroes focused on what matters most to those of us in the […]

HeroesCon Misc.

The Spurge, who will be he Iron Man of Moderation*, has the best overall round-up of the show. We should note that we’re told that Michael Golden (above) and Mark Texeira will also have new art prints at the show. Bryan Lee O’Malley will have STICKERS! And Jim Rugg will have a sketchbook and an […]