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SDCC 12: Where to find the Beat


Three weddings and a free-for-all.

HeroesCon interview: Francesco Francavilla


by Jimmy Aquino, Comic News Insider, Special to The Beat

I sat down with old pal and amazing artist Francesco Francavilla on Sunday at HeroesCon. Always a great interview, Francesco and I talked about his recent work on Batman,  upcoming Captain America/Black Widow mini-series, The Black Beetle, cover work, Comic Twart, What Not, and his genuine love for cartooning. You can check out other great interviews I got at HeroesCon over at the Comic News Insider (my podcast) site! 

HeroesCon proves thirty is fabulous


Whoosh! HeroesCon just raced on by! We arrived late on Thursday, hit BarCon and the rest was just WHOOSH! So much fun, we barely had time to type about it at all. That isn’t to say there weren’t some snafus—all on our own part—but they came and went so quickly.

San Diego Teasers: Marvel Promise War


In the run-up to San Diego 2012, Marvel have released two teasers for an upcoming story called ‘War’

Hooray for HeroesCon


Not much to report — bar con was packed and buzzing last night. We got to hang out and talk about storytelling with old Beat pal Jaime Hernandez — surely a convention year highlight.

It’s pretty incredible that this show has been running for 30 years! We’re hoping to sit down with owner Shelton Drum at some point and get his thoughts on that. This year’s convention booklet has a picture from the very first show — with a bunch of bearded guys including Wolfman and Miek Zeck — who are both back.

HeroesCon — where I'll be


This weekend it’s the 30th annual HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC. Wow 30 years! Not too many shows have that kind of heritage, but Shelton Drum’s show has now settled down into the so-much-fun I-can’t-wait-to-see-everyone good time con experience. We’ll be quite busy with THREE panels as follows:

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 8/16/11


§ Is Achewood coming back from the long hiatus of the soul? Gary Tyrell looks at the evidence.

San Diego Comic-Con changes 2012 preregistration procedure


CCI: SD is changing how they are selling their badges for next year’s show: instead of selling passes to the 2012 edition inside the convention center, sales are being moved to the Manchester Grand Hyatt, where pre-registration will be available Thursday through Sunday from 8 am to 11 am.

Some quick HeroesCon links


Just a few links while we’re on the road.

HeroesCon Frolic — Fri-Sat


From drink ‘n’ draw to the White Party.

HeroesCon is going on


Sorry for the silence, but we’ve been busy here on the road in Charlotte where everything has been just as cordial and relaxing as expected. And believe me, we’re gathering lots of intelligence on the ground about many things. Oh yes.

Don't Forget: HEROESCON! this weekend


In all the ruckus we have forgotten to talk about the show that is probably, if pressed, my very favorite show of the year, or at least ONE of my very most favorite: HeroesCon, in Charlotte. As always Shelton Drum and his crew — now aided by the maestro, Rico Renzi — throw the best damn comic party you can imagine, a three day fest of art, comics, dinner, panels, sketches, strolling, grits and everything else enjoyable you can imagine.

Creators and retailers respond to the huge DC news


From around the Twitterverse, an array of reactions to DC’s news that they are reboot their line in September and going to simultaneous digital release. New comics universes are a dime a dozen, but the digital news is really a game changer — it’s hard not to see every other publishers following suit quickly.

The next big announcement for this move would seem to be June 11, when Jim Lee and Geoff Johns are expected to “drop bombshells” at the Hero Complex Film Festival. Although HeroesCon, one of the bigger shows on the circuit, is this weekend, there are no official DC panels so no big announcements. Executive Editor Eddie Berganza is attending however, so catch him on the bar and hope he didn’t sign an NDA.

Emerald City Comicon Who's Where


The excitement has already begun at the Emerald City Comicon, but in case you need more info, here you go.

This is the first time the show has run three days, but it has definitely joined HeroesCon, Baltimore Comics Con, WonderCon, and a few others as one of the premier “regional” shows of the year. If things were different we’d be there slurping oysters right this minute, but hopefully next year.

Here’s an interview with showrunner Jim Demonakos, and a guide to the show with ALL the info you need.

The Bonfire Agency heats up, Part 2: Steve Rotterdam


[Yesterday we chatted with one half of the Bonfire Agency, Ed Catto. Today we grill Steve Rotterdam on the nerd marketing equation, Bonfire's research and consulting activities, and whether Patton Oswalt was right about too much geek being a bad thing.

Steve Rotterdam served as partner and Chief Creative Officer at the East West Agency before joining DC Comics as Sr. VP Sales and Marketing for three years. His background gives his take on the comics industry and where it is going an informed and unique perspective.]

Wizard cons expand potential guest pool


Is Wizard World trying to turn into TCAF? Of late, the convention tour has been reaching out to indie cartoonists, suggesting a rather unlikely team-up.