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Coming Attractions: Fall 2012: Macmillan!!

Oh, man… so much good stuff coming from Macmillan! And they’re not even known for publishing graphic novels! Scan this list, and tell us what makes you squeel with joy!

Coming Attractions: IDW's David Mazzucchelli's Daredevil Born Again: Artist's Edition

Frank Milller! David Mazzucchelli! IDW! Artist’s Edition!

Coming Attractions: March 2012, Part Two

. Here are a selection of books due out this month. All of the information presented below [aside from my aside/snide comments] are from publisher or distributor websites. ALL information is subject to change, and something which might ship this month to a comics shop might show up months later in regular bookstores.  So, if […]

Coming Attractions: March 2012: Part One [updated with intro]

I’ve already previewed Marvel and DC, so here are the other publishers, with titles MAYBE shipping this month!

Coming Attractions: Marvel: January – August 2012

Here are some of the more interesting titles being published in the first three quarters of this year! Get ’em while you can…

Coming Attractions: DC Comics: More 2012 Titles!


Coming Attractions 2012: DC Comics: March – October

Eight! Count ’em, EIGHT! Months! Of DC Graphic Novels!

Coming Attractions: February 2012: Part Three

Here it is, the stunning conclusion of new titles shipping in February!

Since this is Oscars weekend, I’ve included some award winners below! Hugo! Edgar! Carnegie! Stoker! Even Shamus! (No, not that one!)

Lots of adaptations! One is a comic based on a movie based on a prose novel!

Coming Attractions: February 2012: Marvel Publishes Justice League Zombies, DC Publishes Captain America and the Silver Surfer!

New collections from Marvel, including a storyline which takes place between paragraphs in another book! And the Justice League as zombies!

New Titles from DC, including Silver Surfer and Captain America!

Coming Attractions: February 2012: Part Two: D+Q, Small Press, Christianity

. Here’s the second part of February’s preview.  There’s some unusual titles here (including a publisher of religious graphic novels), some which don’t seem to exist beyond a listing on Books In Print. As usual, my boilerplate: So, here’s what caught my eye.  Please comment below, and please feel free to mention titles I may […]

Coming Attractions: February 2012: Part One

Ut oh, guys… it’s a leap year! So if you’re the type to skedaddle from matrimonial minded maidens, be sure to grab some reading material before you head off to the Valley of the Shmoon!

Coming Attractions: Mid-Winter 2012 Library Edition

Here’s what I discovered at the recent American Library Association Mid-Winter conference in Dallas, Texas! Librarians are rocking the graphic novels!

Coming Attractions: January 2012: For Kids of All Ages!

New comics! Fun stuff for everyone! (And, of course, before you hand the book over to a young impressionable mind, you have to read it first to make sure it is age-appropriate!)

Coming Attractions: January 2012: Manga

New manga! Fast cars! Sexy women (and men)! Nazis! Cats! Rock ‘n’ Roll! Murder!

Coming Attractions: January 2012: Image, IDW, Dark Horse

The March of Coming Attractions continues, like a North Korean state funeral! This installment: Dark Horse! IDW! Image!

Coming Attractions: January 2012: Marvel and DC

Here’s what caught my eye this month, from DC and Marvel!