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Dark Knight Rises bootleg trailer — for now

These are being removed left and right — but luckily the trailer will be officially released on Tuesday. Until then we’ll have to make do with these handheld versions.

Official DARK KNIGHT RISES teaser trailer released…and it’s amazing


One of the best things about Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies is that the villians are truly bad people, not just cardboard guys in suits. And in the glimpse of Bane (played by Tom Hardy) that same feeling of danger comes across.

Can’t wait.

Hathaway is Catwoman and Hardy is Bane in Dark Knight Rises

After months of speculation, we now know that Christopher Nolan isn’t giving up the Batman franchise without going into the sexy feminine side of the myth: Anne Hathaway will play Catwoman in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES — and yes, that sounds pretty dirty. And the previously announced Tom Hardy will play back-breaker Bane, an escaped criminal who gets super strength after getting jacked on drugs. (Bane was responsible for breaking Batman’s spine in a ’90s comics storyline.)

Studio Coffee Run 9/28/12: Looper, The Walking Dead, Thor: The Dark World, etc.


Looper is already killing it with the critics, Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore reach an undisclosed settlement concerning Moore’s involvement with The Walking Dead, pic-o-mania for Kickass 2, Thor: The Dark World, and The Wolverine plus much more after the jump…

Bourne Again: Bourne Legacy and Campaign Knock Dark Knight Down To #3 At the Box Office

Dark Knight Rises could only hold the #1 spot for three weeks. This week, two new films claimed the top spots in their debut. The Jason Bourne saga takes a page from Doctor Who and has a new actor as another agent trained to assume the Jason Bourne identity and The Bourne Legacy resonated well enough with the audience to take the top spot. At number two, Will Farell and Zach Galifianakis star in The Campaign. When your political farce debuts at roughly the same time the Vice-Presidential is announced, you had really good scheduling.

Coming Attractions: Fall 2012: Dark Horse

Christmas is coming! Here are the upcoming titles from Dark Horse! What’s on your wish list?

Ice Age Tops Spider-Man At The Pre-Dark Knight Box Office

While worlds of comics and movies were all in San Diego, the rest of the country still thought about going to movies. The latest Ice Age made a solid, if not spectacular, with $46M. Easy pickings for the only major release of the week. Here are the weekend estimates, according to Box Office Mojo:

The Dark Cat rises trailer

The folks at MovieCLIPS have just released the TrailerCats version of the Dark Knight trailer, and as much as we like Tom Hardy, darned if Bane doesn’t look just as scary when portrayed by a hairless cat. Plus, easier to understand.

Brad Bird Goes Live Action: A Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Review (and that Dark Knight Trailer, too)

I’ll confess I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from a Brad Bird-directed installment in the Mission: Impossible film franchise. Bird, as you probably know, comes from the world of animation. Most notably over at Pixar, where he was the writer/director for The Incredibles. Honestly, there wasn’t a lot to improve on in his live action debut.

What to buy from Dark Horse in January 2012

Dark Horse has just released its January solicitations — a new reprint of a classic European comics by Hermann tops the list for us, along with a series of Mike Mignola variant covers in his monster year, and the Compleat Terminal City.

The Alcott Analysis: The Dark Knight

Two summers later, I am still quite taken with The Dark Knight. I have not encountered an American movie — much less an American movie, designed to be a gigantic blockbuster and based on a hugely popular comic book — that is structured as ingeniously and compellingly as this one. I’ve simply never seen anything like it, and after several viewings it still continues to flabbergast.

I’ve worked on a handful of these types of movies as a screenwriter, and let me tell you: they’re hard. They’re really hard. There are so many issues for the writer to address: the protagonist must be active, the villain’s plot must make sense, there must be a romantic interest, there must be due attention paid to the history of the character and the rules of the genre, they must be both fantastic and grounded at the same time. All these balls must be kept in the air and these concerns must mesh in a straightforward, compelling, swift, action-packed cinematic narrative, consistent in tone and true to its source material. I haven’t seen one — not one — that has managed to get everything in and do everything right. None of the Superman movies do it, none of the previous WB Batman movies do it, none of the Spider-Man movies do it, neither of the Fantastic Four movies do it, and, even after 22 tries, none of the Bond movies do it either. (The Iron Man movies come close — really close.) But The Dark Knight not only does a better job than any other movie based on its source material — and by that I mean “superhero comics” — it does it with a radically ambitious screenplay that challenges any number of conventions and brings a new, added weight to its subject.

Spidey musical rises again — UPDATED

Disney, which has been a major player on Broadway since Beauty and the Beast and on with The Lion King, Mary Poppins and many others, has UPDATE: Well, another source, the NY Times Arts Beat states that Disney WASN’T the white knight here, and Spidey got it together on its own. Another executive involved with […]

Oscar wrap-up: DARK KNIGHT brings home two statues

Aside from Tilda Swinton’s designer potato sack, there weren’t that many surprises at last night’s Oscars®. The nerd movie contingent was represented but didn’t really prevail; as everyone in the world knew would happen, the late Heath Ledger won for his portrayal of the Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT, marking the first acting Oscar win […]

Entertainment Round-Up: A closer look at the new Batwing, Stephen Amell as Casey Jones, and a new Jurassic World featurette

casey jones amell

At this point, movie-wise, I imagine no one wants to talk anything but Age of Ultron, but there’s been a few fun developments worth noting over the past 12 hours or so: – Umberto Gonzalez, having moved on from Latino-Review, is now running his big movie scoops on his Instagram, which I highly suggest you […]

The new Star Wars spin-off film, Rogue One, gets a release date as does Episode VIII


More details trickle in about the post-Force Awakens Star Wars films

Critics vote on the 26 Best Films of the Decade (so far)


Just when you thought you had enough of 2014 year-end lists, it’s now 2015 and time to begin everyone’s “halfway through the decade” retrospective lists. The folks at Fandor are the first out of the gate, as they asked 290 film critics (and assorted other movie lovers) what they thought the best films of 2010-2014 […]