Review: Sophie Goldstein’s progressive science fiction


House of Women and The Oven by Sophie Goldstein I haven’t encountered much chatter about Sophie Goldstein’s extraordinary, smart, beautiful three-part comic House of Women, but I’m hoping that changes. Goldstein’s use of science fiction as a springboard to examine numerous ideas, particularly gender-related issues and colonialism, is exquisite, with an understanding that the fantastical […]

INTERVIEW: Samuel Sattin on letting stories off the leash in LEGEND


Earlier this year, Z2 Comics published the first comic book written by novelist Samuel Sattin, Legend. This week, the publisher is putting out the series’ first collection as Legend Vol 1 prints issues 1-5 for fans of binge reading. Sattin’s tale is about a world where the animals have inherited the Earth after humanity was wiped out by […]

Webcomic Alert: Sledgehammer Pt. 1 – Sam Alden is back!!!


At CAB this year I was talking to a few people asking, “Whatever happened to Sam Alden?” Alden burst on the scene a few years ago with an astonishing leap  from the Best American Comics’s short listed Haunter to such disturbing and unforgettable books as It Never Happened Again and New Construction: Two More Stories . But then, like […]

Amazon names Best Graphic Novels of 2016


The end of year lists are coming –  Amazon has selected 20 books in an unranked order – no big surprises, all highly praised books. Nice to see a small book like Daryl Seitchik’s Exits on the list, along with blockbusters like Ghost and Black Panther – if anything this is a very mainstream greatest hits.  March […]

Review: Jessica Campbell is so judgmental


I’ve been a big fan of Jessica Campbell’s work since I read her Oily Comics debut My Sincerest Apologies, and what her output lacks in girth it more than makes up for in originality. I don’t think there’s anyone else in comics quite like her, more often than not attuned to offering humor collections with […]

Cover Reveal: Blood Blister #1 by Mike Huddleston – “Better Call Saul meets The Exorcist”


Here’s our weekly cover reveal from AfterShock: The 1:10 variant for Blood Blister #1 by Mike Huddleston. AfterShock is calling the book  “Better Call Saul  meets the Exorcist  meets something brand-new.” The series is written by Phil Hester with art by Tony Harris. Intrigued? The first issue goes on sale in January. BLOOD BLISTER #1 […]

INTERVIEW: Matt Kindt’s murder mystery magic in the ETHER


Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT, Dept H) could be comics biggest paradox. A man who in person has the grizzled beard of someone who would enjoy cutting down Redwoods for a living yet has the loveable demeanor of a panda bear. He’s easy going yet attacks story like a mathematician would complex calculus problems. That same approach […]

Webcomics in Review: Snarlbear – She Who Fights Monsters


Coming home from her boring grocery store job, Daisy stumbles into the Rainbow Dimension – a vibrant magical land filled with monsters, like the multi-colored bear that attacks Daisy immediately. Daisy beats the bear to death with her bike and is rewarded with the bear’s colorful coat and a new moniker – Snarlbear. Along with […]