OPUS ends…and you must guess his fate

opusAfter a flurry of rumors that he was ending his OPUS comic strip, cartoonist Berkeley Breathed has confirmed it is ending on November 2.

WPWG Editorial Director/General Manager Alan Shearer praised Breathed, saying the cartoonist “pushed all sorts of topical and stylistic envelopes” and “influenced a generation of new cartoonists.” Lago said Breathed is ending his comic with a contest asking readers to guess Opus the penguin’s fate. Currently, the character is in prison courtesy of U.S. authorities. The actual solution will be available only on the Internet, not in newspapers, according to WPWG.

The Internet thing is a nice twist.


  1. says

    He found his mom at the end of Outland, and we actually met her at the beginning of Opus. Am I spoiling things by saying she wasn’t everything Opus had hoped for?

  2. Mark Coale says

    It’s not too late for Bill/Opus ’08.

    I was ready to vote for them in ’88.

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