NYCC Announcements: Vertigo Goes Simultaneous Print/Digital Release – Or – Get Used To It

Over on the Vertigo blog, we find an announcement that Vertigo’s titles are starting to be released simultaneously in both print and digital (“day and date” is an insipid phrase; let’s all stop using it).

· SWEET TOOTH starting with issue #26 available now
· SPACEMAN the new mini-series by Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Risso will launch with issue #1 on sale Oct. 26. This exciting new series featuring award-winning talent will be available for a special price of $.99 – a first for digital pricing that makes this series a “can’t miss” event.
· THE UNWRITTEN beginning with #31 on sale Nov. 9
· iZOMBIE beginning with issue #19 on sale Nov. 16
· THE UNWRITTEN .5 issues beginning with #31.5 on sale Nov. 23
· FABLES beginning with the special holiday issue #112 on sale Dec. 21
· AMERICAN VAMPIRE beginning with issue #22 on sale Dec. 28
· HELLBLAZER beginning with issue #287 on sale Jan. 18

They don’t put the new Paul Cornell/Ryan Kelly title “SAUCER COUNTRY” in that list, but since that doesn’t launch until February, it seems likely to launch that way.

Taking a look at the Vertigo catalog, here’s what _isn’t_ going to simultaneous release:

  • DMZ (ending soon)
  • Northlanders (ending soon)
  • Scalped (ending soon)

Am I the only one seeing a pattern here?

Welcome to the new status quo.


  1. jacob goddard says

    Wow. For many years Vertigo was the only reason I would step into a typical comic shop.
    I doubt I was the only one.

  2. adfa says

    “Day and date” is indeed a horrible phrase. I’m appalled that it caught on. It doesn’t have much of a foothold elsewhere, but the comics section the internet seemed to take an unhealthy liking to a phrase that really means nothing.

    “Day and date”: “Wow I’m glad that it’s coming out on the same day AND the same date! I hate it when things come out on the same date but not on the same day!”

  3. Al-B says

    An enthusiastic YES PLEASE in favor of dropping the meaningless and yes, insipid “day and date” from the lexicon — “same-day digital and print release” isn’t clear enough?

  4. Matt Linton says

    Is there any word on whether or not these will also drop to $1.99 after 30 days?

  5. Grady Hendrix says

    “Day and date” is actually a really common phrase in film distribution and has been used for a long time. It has generally meant two things. One meaning is when a DVD and a VHS release happened at the same time they were referred to as being released “day and date.” The other meaning is when a movie is released globally on the same day and the same date in all countries at once.

    The reason it’s called “day and date” is because of international time zones. If you release a movie on May 21st in all countries at the same time, then that means that it’s going to be released earlier in some territories and later in others. “Day and date” has come to mean that the release is simultaneous, but it comes out at the same time, even if that means mucking about with the exact time of the release (ie, releasing it on May 21st in the US, but on May 22nd in, say, Hong Kong).

    I’m sure there are a lot of different definitions and usages, but that’s what it’s meant in film for decades.

  6. Long Tran says

    Q:You know whats a worse phrase than “day and date”?

    A:”Am I the only one”. You are NEVER the only one.

  7. rich says

    “Taking a look at the Vertigo catalog, here’s what _isn’t_ going to simultaneous release:

    * DMZ (ending soon)
    * Northlanders (ending soon)
    * Scalped (ending soon)

    “Am I the only one seeing a pattern here?”

    The titles are ending soon, so why bother with the simultaneous release? Is that it?

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