NYC Graphic site launches

nycgraphicnovelist NYC Graphic site launches
Photographer Seth Kushner, whose portraits of various comical types have been appearing online in advance of a book, to be written by Christopher Irving, announced a new website today: NYC Graphic . Kushner has more on his blog:

This Tuesday, January 6th, photographer Seth Kushner (The Brooklynites) and comic book journalist/historian Christopher Irving (Comic Book Artist Magazine Associate Editor) join forces to introduce a new brand of comics journalism, with The site is a preview of the work that Seth and Christopher are doing for Graphic NYC, their photo-essay book that combines Seth’s photos with Christopher’s in-depth interview based essays on New York cartoonists. “I consider Graphic NYC, the upcoming book project that is based off of, to be a kind of ‘New Comics Journalism’, combining New Journalism with comics history, and Seth’s lush photography. I’ve been ready to bring a little something new to comics journalism for a while, and this is it.” Graphic NYC not only features conceptual photographs of comic book auteurs in their favorite and symbolic environments, but it also paints a narrative picture through essays that employ on-the-spot interviews and a critical view of their most personal work. Like a graphic novel, it employs the marriage of words and images to tell a story; in this case, it is the story of New York’s position in the development and life of comic books.

200901061617 NYC Graphic site launches
Above, Howard Chaykin.


  1. Sphinx Magoo says:

    Nice to see Howard Chaykin profiled. His Time2 graphic novel had some nice visuals that would tie in nicely with the blog’s theme.

  2. Is that Howard posing in front of a bar? (I can’t tell it’s all out of focus)

    Doesn’t he know by now that gin can make a man mean??



  3. That looks to me like 42nd st. bud.

  4. Paul got it right, and I talk in the essay (which centers around a hotel bar) about how Howard only drinks a seltzer and lime.

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